The Star Channel Peoples Have to Pee, Too

As usual, I forgot a load of laundry in the wash until after midnight, so I had to stay up an extra hour while it dried.  Husband’s undershirts take even LONGER to dry than an hour, apparently, so I found him (sleeping on the couch in “his room,” where he often falls asleep reading books), and the following conversation ensued:

ME: Honey, the t-shirts are still drying, and I’m going to bed.  Do you care if they’re a little wrinkly, or do you want to stay up to fold them?

HUSBAND: It’s okay.

ME: What?

HUSBAND: It’s okay.  They can report to themselves.  It’s okay.

ME: What?  Are you speaking English?

HUSBAND: They can report for themselves, the star channel peoples.

ME (now laughing): Are you hearing yourself?  What are you saying?

HUSBAND: The star channel peoples…it’s okay.  They have to pee…the star channel peoples. (getting up)  I have to pee.

He shuffles himself off to the bathroom, and I follow him, laughing, trying to recount this story to him.  He still doesn’t think it’s funny.  Maybe he will in the morning when he reads it here…


10 thoughts on “The Star Channel Peoples Have to Pee, Too

  1. LOL!! Heidi, this has got to be the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in a while. Both my husband and I got a great laugh. He’s (my husband) done something similar to me before but nothing as fantastic as “the star channel peoples have to pee.”

    That is stinkin’ awesome! I’ve done that before…..I told my mom that I didn’t want my sister to fall through the hole…in the fabric. Yay for sleep talkers! 🙂

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