Dancing with the Stars – Season 7

I am very under whelmed after tonight’s competition.  Obviously the judges were, too.  This is only my third season watching, but I am pretty sure those were the lowest scores I’ve ever seen.  Grace for the first night, though.  I’m sure a lot of them were working out their butterflies.

Biggest Surprise – Warren Sapp.  Everything the judges said was on—he had fun, he was light on his feet, and he really kept rhythm pretty well.

Best Dance – Brooke Burke.  I don’t even know who she is, but she had fairly good rhythm and hit her lines very well.

Most Awkward – Jeffrey Ross.  Poor guy with his scratched cornea…I bet it was really hard for him to focus.  However, even with healing, I don’t think he has a chance to win the show.  And one always feels badly for the “funny guy” who covers his blunders with humor.  I am that guy, too, Jeffrey…

Should Go – Cloris Leachman.  Cute as it is to have an 82-year-old on the show, she was visibly dizzy and disoriented during her dance.  And Len was right…cleavage should probably not be shown at that age.  Sorry, Cloris!

Comments I couldn’t believe –
Carrie Ann’s comment on Susan Lucci’s weight. Even if she did look a little weak, the best place to tell her is in private, not on national television.

Maks’s comment on Misty May-Treanor’s shoulders. Maks is my favorite pro, followed closely by Mark Ballas.  It’s his direct style of teaching that hooked me.  No beating around the bush for this guy.  However, dear Misty May is very muscular from years of volleyball.  She can’t really help it!  I adore Misty May on the court, and she did a fine job at her dance.  She even had hints of gracefulness!  I hope the judges (and Maks) can look past her physique and give her the marks she deserves.

How about you?  What did you think?  Who were your favorites?  Any stand-outs?

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