What Chocolate Means to a Woman

Last night Husband got his first taste of what it’s going to be like to have a DAUGHTER, rather than just a BABY.

We had a small bit of brownies left in the house that he and I were splitting.  I gave her a taste, and of course she wanted more.  She ran down the hallway to Husband, who offered her a taste as well.  She came back to me and when I told her it was all gone, she ran back to him.  He told her the same, and she promptly sat down, gave him a look that could freeze lava, and threw a head shaking (“no” motion), wailing fit.  You would have thunk we told her she could never eat again.  After making several more trips between us and ascertaining that the brownies were, indeed, gone, she spent the rest of the night whining and moping.

Even I was surprised at the amount of happiness chocolate seemed to bring to a 13-month-old!

9 thoughts on “What Chocolate Means to a Woman

  1. Well, in the retelling it sounds delightful and cute that she’s discovering about the wonders of chocolate and the reality of “it’s all gone.” Of course, I wasn’t there to hear the crying and whining.

    How joyful to discover our children’s personalities in those days when they can communicate so much more with us through their language and actions.

  2. Sounds like you know what to bribe her with when it comes time for potty training! ha. It’s so fun to hear first time parent’s thoughts. When you get around to the second one, you don’t notice those tiny details as much… at least I don’t:-)

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