Believing God

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Question for you mommies out there–did you notice a change in your devotional life after you had kids? I used to look at the “old” stodgy people in my church and say, “Never. Not me.” And now I feel like I AM THAT GUY. I am very surprised and alarmed at the level of stagnation in my faith that seems to have arrived with my firstborn. I never used to miss a day of time in the Word. Now I still go through the motion of reading most days, but I feel like nothing “sticks.”

I’ve been reading the book of John and studying James (MacArthur study) and am determined to begin some sort of focused topical study, as the “reading through the Bible and just seeing what God has for me today” thing has been less than meaty lately. I read the word and then forget what I read by lunch. This morning I began the book Believing God by Beth Moore, hoping it will kick my rear into gear. If God brings me and my struggles to mind throughout the day, could you pray that He will give me a freshened spirit, renewed desire for Him (and not just His blessings), and increased vigor to reach out to the lost in my life?

As a friend of mine pointed out last Sunday, God wants me to have the fruit of the spirit I desire. I just need to not be frightened about what the cost might be to achieve such fruit.

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5 thoughts on “Believing God

  1. I’ll say a prayer for you today, that your study will encourage you. I understand where you’re coming from, even though I dont have children. But recently, I’ve watched a sick friend become sicker, and it has been such a struggle to understand why.

  2. I think this can happen naturally – we sometimes wax and wane about. As long as we are mindful of what is happening, our faith can pull as back and we can be grounded once again.
    I think my faith has been strengthened immensely from being a mother, but at the same time it’s challenged. I just plug along.

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