Sorry, John McCain…My Vote is Not for You

Tonight’s VP debate was less-than-exciting.  I half expected Joe and Sarah to join hands and begin singing “All You Need Is Love.”  Such a bad taste was left in my mouth that I asked Husband, who hates to write but never turns down an opportunity to “discuss” (read: lecture) politics and the economy, to write me a nice little guest post regarding the current state of the Republican Party.  If the word “politics” generally makes your eyes roll back in your head, I ask you to hear him out, as it could be the only place you get to hear these truths.  Because the liberal media?  They’re not telling you these things.


The Republican Party has been the party of conservatism and liberty. Conservatism is an ideal that says limited government, personal rights and responsibility, and freedom of choice, among other ideas, are what made this nation stand out in an exceptional way against the tide of history. The idea that the individual knows better how to spend their time and resources than the few in power. The idea that man should be allowed to keep the fruits of his labor. The idea that the government should be kept on a short leash, having only those powers explicitly given to it by the people. The idea that the power of force should be distributed among states, not centrally focused. The idea that everyday citizens should be elected to represent the various states, not an aristocratic ruling class like was seen in the British Empire that we threw off. These are ideas that can work and have worked wonderfully in our past.

The sad thing is that we have been sliding away from these ideas that made America stand out and ever more so in the last half century. The federal government has stepped way beyond its constitutional leash in every area imaginable. We are constantly hearing that the solution to every problem is more government. We’ve got an out of control federal government that wants to take more and more of our money, take our freedoms, and solidify its power of force over every aspect of our lives. It is full to the brim with corruption, ignorance, deception and hubris. What is needed to stem government is a strong voice of reason to counter the ideas of socialism and government first thinking.

That voice of reason is pretty faint right now, though, and the one of the big reasons why is that the Republican Party has lost its voice. By and large, we no longer have statesmen presenting and defending their ideals, we have politicians whose desire is to get and hold office no matter what. There is less and less of a difference between Republicans and Democrats, with the Republicans over the last decade capitulating on conservative ideas and pursuing bigger government more and more. Now is the time that we need them to be a strong voice for freedom against the interventionist monstrosity government.

The recent bank and financial institution “crisis” is a good example of the Republicans’ lost voice. The economic problems we are seeing right now are the direct result of government intervention in the form of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I won’t get into it here, but the Democrats and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy are directly responsible for this situation via Freddie and Fannie, whose criminal practices they allowed, promoted and fought to defend. It isn’t even a question that the government is at fault yet the same Democrats who brought this mess are decrying the “failure of the free markets” and calling for more government intervention in the form of a bailout with more “regulation”. Now, you would think that Republican presidential candidate would be exposing the Democratic scandal, the destruction that the strong hand government has wrought messing with the markets. If there was any situation to show why we need conservative ideas this is it. But, nope, John McCain isn’t talking about what caused this mess, and not only isn’t he talking about is he is aggressively promoting more of what got us into it, the bailout! This isn’t a real surprise though. John McCain is a total politician. He’s a “maverick” who reaches “across the aisle,” but all that really means is that he has positioned himself in the mush middle to try and gather as many votes as he can. McCain is not a conservative and cannot be trusted to forward conservative ideas.

The worst part, though, is that he and those in the Republican party like him are diluting and killing the conservative voice. By following the liberals over to the left but just not quite as far, they can say “well vote for me ‘cause I’m not as bad as the other guy.” Well, I, for one, am done with that. No more voting for the lesser of two evils. What we are ending up with by voting in liberal Republicans is two liberal parties and no voice for liberty and freedom. And that is something of which I am not going to be a part. They say we had to have a Carter to get a Reagan. We may need an Obama to save the Republican Party.


Husband also asked me to link to THIS POST if you want to hear what’s really happening regarding the bail-out.

12 thoughts on “Sorry, John McCain…My Vote is Not for You

  1. I understand why the media isn’t picking up on the Fannie/Freddie story, but I don’t get why McCain isn’t bringing it up. Have you seen this NYT article from 1999 that predicts the situation we’re in now?

    It is frustrating to see how far the Republicans have strayed from their ideals, especially on the fiscal end of things. It won’t keep me from voting, but in Pennsylvania my vote probably won’t count anyway.

  2. Bravo! Very good post! I agree with everything.

    My husband likens the current state of affairs to the beginnings of communism in our country. At the very least, socialism.

    I was listening to talk radio yesterday, hearing stuff about the bailout bill and some totally unrelated garbage that was coming out of it. Um, is this bill just a dumping ground for all special interest groups who want to get their piece of the billion dollar pie?

    “* Rum Excise Taxes to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands — Cost: $192 million over 10 years

    Current law imposes a $13.50 per proof gallon excise tax on distilled spirits produced in or imported into the United States — of which $13.25 per proof gallon was made as a payment to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands until the end of 2007, after which it was lowered to $10.50 per proof gallon. This retroactively extends that provision from Dec. 31, 2007, through the end of 2009. ”

    * 7-Year Recovery Period for Certain Motorsports Racetrack Property — Cost: $100 million over 10 years

    Extends a special 7-year cost recovery period or property used for land improvement and support facilities at motorsports entertainment complexes.

    * Special Expensing Rules for Certain Film and Television Productions — Cost: $81 million over 10 years

    Under current law, a producer can elect to take a single-year deduction of up to $15 million in production costs incurred in the U.S. If the production costs are over $15 million, this deduction does not apply. The maximum deduction is increased to $20 million if the costs are significantly incurred in economically depressed areas. No other depreciation or amortization is allowed for a production for which this deduction is taken. The provision expires Dec. 31, 2008. The proposal would extend the provision to the end of 2009. ”

    And so on and so on…

  3. “I won’t get into it here, but the Democrats and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy are directly responsible for this situation via Freddie and Fannie, whose criminal practices they allowed, promoted and fought to defend.”

    Uh… whazzat? How so?

  4. Wow. I am so guilty of settling for “the lesser of two evils.” Obama just scares me so much, I don’t know if I can vote for him. In fact, I know I can’t. But you’re right-McCain isn’t what we need. I don’t know what to do. . .

  5. Elizabeth (and others who might be confused about our vote), there is no way we would be voting for Obama. Sorry if that was implied. We will be exploring other options than these “two evils.”

    You can watch this video:

    I find it humorous that it’s in favor of McCain, but try to ignore that part. The rest is pretty good. Props to Amused Momma for pointing me to it.

  6. MM, this has nothing to do with this post, SORRY! but I had to rush over here and see if it truly was YOU who won PW’s Standard Deviants giveaway? Somebody with your name was picked! If so, congratulations!!!!

  7. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to this post on facebook. My dad never voted R or D for the last few elections. He always said he would “vote his conscience” and I always respected him for that and it made me think. This year, more than ever, I’m just tired of the popularity contest that is the presidential election!

  8. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

    Oh my! Although Sen McCain has his blemishes and sometimes hisses instead of purrs, he’s not all bad! In fact he’s done a lot of good things for our country – and for the military!

    Find me a candidate ever who’s perfect, and we’ll be in Heaven walking the golden streets!

    McCain is pro-life, as well as for many other policies we conservatives hold dear!

    At least he sounded the alarm about the financial situation years ago!

    There’s more to the financial situation than meets the eye – situations that aren’t even politically driven! Don’t blame everything on Congress and the President!

    McCain also has a wonderful veep choice in Sarah Palin! Praise God for women like her who are not afraid to swim upstream in murky water!

    As a conservative, I can vote for Sen McCain with a clear conscience!

    By not voting for Sen. McCain you are giving the vote to Obama!

    You are also dooming the Supreme Court to several years of liberal judges because in the next few years there will be a turnover of judges that will change the way the SC does business!

    Are you willing to sacrifice babies on the altar of abortion by giving the votes to Obama?

    Please understand the consequences of that!

    That would be really smart! Yep! That’s all we need is a pro partial birth abortion socialist for president.

    Read between the lines of Obama’s rhetoric

    Do you really know what a community organizer in Chicago is, and it’s not someone who puts together soccer games and town picnics with hotdogs and corn on the cob!

    A community organizer’s job is for the purpose of spreading socialist propaganda! That’s what I want in a president! Not!

    Who do you think helped get loans for people who couldn’t afford them all in the name of minority fairness?

    Behind door one, the McCain door is a kitty cat who most of the time purrs, but can also do it’s share of hissing and clawing.

    Behind door two, the Obama door is a pouncing tiger who will tear apart and eat everyone in it’s path alive!

    And behind every other door that is not the McCain door you will find the pouncing tiger as well.

    Because a vote not for McCain is a vote for Obama.

    A vote not for McCain is a vote to relinquish your country to a man who does not salute the flag and who’s values were formed in an Indonesian elementary school

    What were you doing in elementary school? I was saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and looking at the pictures of George Washington and Abe Lincoln on the walls in a public school! I was singing The Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful.

    My patriotism was cemented before I was in the 5th grade!

    During those same years Obama was repeating Muslim prayers and reciting the Koran. That’s a proven fact!

    And don’t forget, he has a wife who is not proud of our great country.

    I sing proudly the song, “I am so proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I can’t forget the ones who gave themselves for me….”

    I’m very proud of my country and I want to keep it that way!

    I want change all right! I want abortion to end in this country. I want a president who will nominate the Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade once and for all!

    And John McCain will be just that president!

    If he is not elected president, not only willthe baby of the McCain presidency be thrown out with the bath water, the baby killers will continue to throw away precious human lives, tiny innocent babies!

    I think the door to pick is a no brainer!

    I’m going for the kitty cat!

    And now it’s late and I think I hear a mouse in my back stairway – really! I wish I had a kitty cat behind my door tonight.

  9. While I can’t agree with you more on some things, I can’t disagree with you more on the end result. I echo Bonnie’s sentiments. Essentiall you are giving Obama the vote, and the thought of him being our president keeps me up at night – it’s frightening. I don’t think we can take that gamble. I think you are sending the wrong message.

  10. I personally feel that is ‘opinion’ piece is gross and slanted. If you want to represent yourself as a Christian, it is your responsibility to place more importance on the issues that matter to Jesus. Such as family. Life. Obama is pro full term abortion. Obama is in support of the disintegration of family in favor of appeasing ‘some’ of the people. I think you have your priorities all wrong. If you are going to drop the whole Republican party because you don’t like McCain, you have placed your party (or lack there of)before your God. Just the fact that you (the wife) have an entry from Believeing God then talk about your devotion to the Lord then post this article about leaving the party that BY FAR comes closest to the teachings and principles of Christianity, you are in total contridiction of self and morality.

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  12. Whew! Heavy issues. I know I’m weighing in late in my vote but I just bumped into your blog from, I believe, Mary’s blog.

    I totally agree with all that was stated in this post. Well said, Sir Hubby! The only thing I fear though is by not voting McCain is voting Obama, which deeply disturbs and scares me! What to do? I don’t know!

    I was so relieved to read someone who said so well what I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind. I’ve mulled and stewed that although there are so many things about McCain and his views and seeming willingness to stick his neck out for what he believes in, there’s been something unsettling as well about him. You hit it right on the head with the fact that so often it’s something so liberal and leaning toward socialism! I have personal close ties to people who are from socialistic countries..countries that are otherwise very “on top of things” as far as technology, standard of living, etc. I know that there are very grave consequences with having socialism reign.

    The thing that worries me sick is the thought of this country going more and more toward socialism. I just heard on the radio the other day that more and more people in this country are lazy and for this reason will vote for anyone who promises to take all their financial worries away with no effort on their part. They concluded that for this reason, Obama will probably get voted in because he promises to cut taxes for 95% of the people, hand out another big rebate to all….meanwhile he has a proposed $150 billion
    bill to cover different interest groups, the rebate, etc. Plus it was also announced by Nancy Pelosi, I believe, that once Obama is in, they will be trying to pass a $150 billion bill to cover other things (I was driving and focusing on traffic so I don’t recall exactly what she said it was for), a different one that Obama proposed….if they are cutting 95% of the people’s taxes, WHERE will they get the money from to fund all these feel good promises? It doesn’t add up!

    I am at work so must end my long, long entry! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed my reading thusfar!

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