If not One Million plus One

I have a lot of posts brewing in my brain, sitting in my Drafts folder, half-written in my email in-box, and scribbled on sticky notes in various parts of my house.  When will I get a chance to finish them?  I knoweth not.

God has been opening great doors with my photography business, for which I am very thankful.  I know that He sometimes gives us seasons where we have to work really, really hard and put other things (chores,socializing, leisure) on the back burner.  I feel at times that I am nearing burn-out, but I have daily sustenance: God’s Word, encouragement from my husband and friends, and satisfaction–nay, delight!–in my work.

Thank You, Father, for what You have done and are doing to provide for my family.  I sometimes resent having to work, but I know that for now it is part of your plan, and I will do my best (grace, please!) to do so with a countenance of joy and gratitude.

Baby 092208


4 thoughts on “If not One Million plus One

  1. Your little girl resembles her daddy SO MUCH! Don’t you think?! I’m sure you’re in there somewhere. J/k! 😉 You are a very talented photographer. I am excited to see the pics you do for M & L’s girls! You are blessed.

  2. Heidi – that’s exciting about your photo business! Sometime, I’d really like to hear more about the process and what has gone well, and maybe what’s been hard. I’m thinking of doing my own thing too in photography. I think you’re incredibly brave (me– I’m too scared I’m not good enough). Share the wealth!

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