Hi friends,

I don’t know if it’s the organizational “back to school” feel of Autumn, but I’m feeling like themed days again…

So, I thought I’d ask your opinions!  Here are fourideas I’ve been kicking around.  You can vote for one, none or even all three (leave a comment, please!).  I would like to keep it to one or two, so if you have reason for your vote and would like to try and swing me in favor of it, persuade away.

1) Flashback Friday.  Flat Stanley met with an unfortunate death at the hands of a not-to-be-named 1-yr-old, so he will not be back this fall.  However, Flashback Friday will include little snippets of my childhood, college years, etc. (could include Fargo stuff for you two fans of Fargo Fridays back in the day…).

2)  Bad Poetry Monday.  A return of the old faithful project.

3) Sunday Links.  Here I would post links to articles, posts, projects, photographs and other internet finds from the past week.

I don’t have preference one way or another, peeps, so please help me decide!


9 thoughts on “Themin’

  1. They all sound good (R.I.P. Stanley), but my favorite idea is the Sunday links. I enjoy finding out about new site, articles, etc. on the internet. I could say that I enjoy this because I like learning, but it’s probably just because I’m nosy.

  2. Tis your blog, dear! Do as you desire, although it is thoughtful for you to consider what your readers want. I don’t think they come here soley for that… but to catch up with you and what is important in your life.

  3. I like the idea of flashback friday….maybe it will take off and become a big hit like Not Me! Mondays. It is so much easier to come up with a new post when there is a theme.

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