Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got apples in my tummy

Tummy is one of the places Anja can point to now.  Good thing, as her parents are foodies.

I have made two recipes of Ree’s (PW) this past week, and OH MY was I surprised at the deliciousness.  I made her Chicken Spaghetti, which received accolades from both Husband and Anja.  The only things I changed were:

1. I didn’t have two cans of cream of mushroom soup, so I substituted one cream of celery, both Campbell’s Healthy Request*.

2. I don’t often have a fryer chicken on hand, and I certainly don’t enjoy handling chicken skin unless I really have to, so I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  And I’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life I’ve ever bought pimientos by themselves.  Southern thing.


The second recipe I just finished devouring right now is a surefire way to become a glutton.   I had my serious doubts about this dish, since it uses primarily processed ingredients (For a dessert?  No way!  Must be from scratch!), but OH. MY. STARS. was it good.  So go gather up the ingredients and make Ree’s Apple Dumplings right away!

* Does not in any way make this dish healthy.  Maybe slightly healthiER, but not healthy.


2 thoughts on “Yummy yummy yummy, I’ve got apples in my tummy

  1. I never in a million years would have thought to put mountain dew in a recipe! But I bought a huge bag of “slightly bruised” apples for $.99 at the grocery yesterday, so this would be a perfect idea for me. Of course, it will only use 2 of the 12 apples, but it does look good!

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