Rock-a-bye, Baby

I just got to rock my baby to sleep for what I believe was the first. time. ever.  It was sweet and lovely and everything I ever dreamed it might be.

Anja has never been a cuddler.  She will only sit still if you are reading books to her.  Or nursing.  But as of a couple days ago, she has absolutely refused to nurse.  We’ve been in the process of weaning anyway, so this is okay with me.  But…I’m hoping that the time she used to spend nursing could now (at least part of it) be transferred to CUDDLING!


9 thoughts on “Rock-a-bye, Baby

  1. I had one who was a cuddler and one who wasn’t. It was so hard witht the one who wasn’t when he quit nursing because I felt like I hardly got to hold him. I hope the cuddling continues!

  2. Ahh..cuddling. My first was NOT a cuddler even after weaning. She did, however, become the sweetest snuggler around age 2…so it can happen anytime apparently.

    My second has loved to snuggle thus far…so I am eating up what I can get from him!!

  3. Awwwww. Cute! My daughter wasn’t a cuddler either. I was so sad because she wouldn’t hug for more than a second. Now she is two and hugs everyone and LOVES to cuddle. Not as much as my son, but way more than before. It’s great when they start rubbing noses and giggling with you:-)

  4. I’m in the process of weaning too and what has been happening for me is that my baby (almost 13 mos.) has begun to cuddle! It’s been sooo nice!

    Btw, I’m a Minnesota Mom too! So fun to see fellow Minnesotan’s blogs. I was trying stare at your photo, thinking, “Now wouldn’t that be weird if she lived right down the street from us?” If you did, you would know who we are probably. I usually tell ppl, “We have 6 kids, all girls. Our trademark is a 15-passenger van in the driveway, a too often messy yard, and a Great Dane outside from time to time.” So often ppl will say, “Oh! You’re the one with the Great Dane!” I’m happy that it’s the Great Dane that stands out to ppl, not the other details, like the often too busy-looking yard amongst the kind of nicely groomed yard of most of our neighbors. 🙂

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