Things I’m Doing Well As A Mother

Heather of the EO had a post up this morning encouraging us to list the things we are doing well as mothers. And you know what? I think we spend all too much time focusing on what we’re doing wrong, so I am going to DO THIS. I hope you will to. And if you do, leave a comment linking to your post over at her place.

Things I’m doing well:

1. I never let Anja sit in her own doo-doo. That is, unless I think Daddy will be home within 10 minutes, then I might…sometimes…let her sit. Don’t tell!

2. I read Anja book after book after book, sometimes the same one many times. Her current favorite: Where the Wild Things Are. I like this book because it describes a child’s decision to let his misbehavior stay There, in the Land Where the Wild Things Are. And he returns to be present with his family, to be loved and treated well. I will continue to read this one over and over, even if I hide We’re Going on A Bear Hunt under the chair cushion. Reading is not only a skill, it is a tool. You can learn almost anything by reading. Husband and I share a passion for it; we read all the time. And we really wanted to pass that love on to Anja. So far, I think she’s a reading addict. We are happy about this.

3. I feed Anja nutritious meals. No Lunchables, chips, hot dogs or other processed meats, pop or juice, and very little refined sugar. She gets fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains and soy and rice milk.

4. I teach Anja about the world. An example: I stop on our walks and pick up leaves for her to touch (and sometimes taste…), telling her about why they change color. I explain why conifers don’t lose their needles and how they propagate.

5. I am working my butt off (two 10-hr days at one job, 20-40 hours a week at photography when she’s napping or asleep) so that I might be able to be home with her as much as possible. Currently she only has to be in daycare 1 ½ days a week. I praise God for this, because not every mom has that ability. Many moms who want to stay home aren’t able to financially, and aren’t able to have a secondary income through at-home work.

6. I stay in touch with my Father. I strive to be in the Word every day, drinking in wisdom so that I might impart it to my daughter.

7. I read the scriptures to Anja on a regular basis. Even though she can’t understand them yet, I am training myself to follow a pattern that will continue, Lord-willing, through her childhood and precarious teen years.

That felt really good. I usually dwell on the bad (which I’m not going to even mention), and while it’s good to strive for better, sometimes we can stress ourselves out so much that we can’t function properly. If you’re a mommy, I recommend making your list today!

Baby 8 092208


11 thoughts on “Things I’m Doing Well As A Mother

  1. Amen! I love what you said about doing this! It IS so much easier to focus on the negative, but it sure helps us be better at this mothering thing if we focus on what we do well.
    Love your list. It appears you’re an excellent mother. 🙂

    Thank you for taking part in this. I appreciate it a lot.

  2. Anja is very lucky to have you as a mother! I plan to do this too, although it may take me a few days, because I really want to think about it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good job on reading scriptures with her! We do, at the end of the day, when I’m so worn out that it turns into a how-fast-can-we-do-this-and-get-outta-here moment. I could do better. You’ve inspired me!

  4. I loved reading your list, especially because you talked about why you like the things you do well and why they are so important. Your daughter is very blessed to have a conscientious and faithful mom like you. She must be a very special girl.

    Also, your photography is beautiful!

  5. Great list…looks like you have your priorities right. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a list or not.

    I haven’t come across you yet, but enjoyed my visit. Very curious about your photography business if you care to share sometime.

    I also work at hime during naptime and any other time, but am so thankful to be the one home with them, even if it gets crazy sometimes.

  6. sounds like you are doing great! and the shoes aren’t too bad ~ comfort wise. i got them at target , i know they had them in brown and red , i’m not sure about black. hope that helps a little!

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