Cody Linley is a BABY.

Line of the night on Dancing with the Stars!  In fact, that entire “political ad” had me laughing.

What doesn’t have me laughing is the scandalous costumes.  Pretty much anyone who hasn’t had a c-section is wearing bikinis to dance in on a regular basis.  Husband isn’t allowed to even be in the room while it’s on anymore, because I fear for his mental rolodex.  Why, oh why, can’t they cover up a little?


3 thoughts on “Cody Linley is a BABY.

  1. My DH has said the same thing. Since we don’t have a TV, the only way I can watch it is online, and DH isn’t really around for when that happens so it’s ceased to be a problem. But historically, the samba is usually the most risque in terms of costumes…

  2. I totally agree, although my husband still watches with me. He thinks we should take up dancing so I will wear the costume. It will take a lot of dancing to get me in shape for one of those costumes!!! 🙂 I seriously do not understand the flirtation with, um, bum cleavage, either. There have been episodes where they are fuzzed out. Do people wear these kinds of costumes in real ballroom competitions? Or is it a way of attracting more viewers who are hoping for another “wardrobe malfunction”? (and yes, I am jealous, because I wish I looked as in shape as any of those girls on the show. 🙂


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