Perhaps that isn’t the correct word, because what I’m trying to rid myself of is not chaff or waste.  I have a question for you, my friends.  How do you choose which blogs to read?

When I first started blogging, I only had a couple that I read frequently, because I hadn’t really “met” many people.  But now that I have quite a lot of regular readers who I try to keep up with, my Google Reader is simply overwhelming to look at every day.  I try to visit everyone and only comment when I feel I really have something to add, but as much as I enjoy it, it is starting to take up way too much of my time.


10 thoughts on “Winnowing

  1. I feel your pain. A couple of months ago I posed this same question and got some good responses that helped me make some decisions for myself. I decided that I had to cut down on the number of blogs I read because I was letting my computer time interfere too much with regular life. It was hard to eliminate some, but also freeing to not feel so much pressure to keep up with so many people.

    To answer your question, I read blogs of people that I can relate to in one way or another. Most of them are moms like me, but they are in in various stages of their mothering journey. I want to interact with people through their blogs, so if the interactions that we have are enjoyable, I keep reading. I have found that just like what books we read is a very personal choice based on what we enjoy/don’t enjoy and what interests us, what blogs we read is a similar decision.

  2. I agree… while I’d love to read (and especially comment!!) on a wealth of blogs out there, I have to focus on what is important to me.

    I tend to focus my blog-reading efforts on those who touch my heart, uplift my spirit and bring positive thinking my way.

    That and of course my real life friends… I always always read their blogs! With our busy schedules, that seems to be the only way I keep up with everyone.

  3. A difficult question… I have only been blogging for about 2 months – and I can see how addictive it is and what hard work to keep up with all the good blogs out there.

    I guess that in the long run, you’ll just have to be selective. Or maybe visit some more regularly than others if you don’t want to give them up.

  4. Ugh, me too. And then I feel bad hitting Unsubscribe, but I do it. Every once and awhile I just go through my reader and make myself delete a few. Not out of judgment or picking and choosing, but simply to save my children from having a completely absent mother.

    It’s so hard! There are over 250 million blogs. There are bound to be LOTS of good ones. I figure it would be never-ending if I kept every single good one, so I try to NOT add more unless I’m just TOTALLY connected to someone-and delete those I feel kind of seperated from, if that makes sense, I don’t know…

  5. I’ve got 5 or 6 that I read every single day . . . those that make me giggle, or feel good, or that I feel connected to in some way. I feel like I HAVE to see what they had to say.

    Others, I read periodically when I have the time.

    I only comment on a few . . . and only when I feel I have something to add or something positive to say. I lurk on a TON of blogs . . . but do not comment often.

    I read quite a few blogs of those from my home area – we moved away 12 years ago – it helps me feel connected in a way 🙂

    Basically – if you feel like you just have to read someone’s blog, do it. If you’re doing it because you feel like you “should” – don’t.

  6. I adore my blog list on Blogger. It shows me when there are blog updates on my favorites, and then I don’t have to check them over and over. I also have a handful I read every day without fail, but there are some I’ll check occasionally. I prefer the parenting blogs, moms like you who are out there doing the same things I am.

  7. I read blogs that inspire me, challenge me, and bring me joy. I read blogs of those that read me… faithfully support me and my thoughts and views, even when they don’t always agree. I always try to respond to every new reader and keep them along for the ride.
    Its important to validat and support each other as often as we can. And if you find that someone is stopping by your blog and leaving comments and supporting your journey, its good to acknowledge that.

    God bless-

  8. I have about a dozen in my RSS feeds that I read everyday (including my lovely MN friend Heidi – you might know her…) tehehehehe

    Sometimes I will stray off on other’s links, but rarely do I add them to my list. I do have a list in my favorites that everyonce in a while if I am really jonesing for some real life computing (not reality computing) I will go back and read them. But they are not on my priority daily read list. They are my rainy, lazy weekend reads.

    Does that help?

    Oh, and remember what we talked about last spring? That stuff that you sell? I need to get information from you again, I cant find it – GAH!

  9. I’ve weeded out a few by setting a time limit for blog reading every day, say, 45 minutes. I read all the ones that are most ‘important’ to me in that time. Whatever’s left, I leave for next time. Over the course of a week, you’ll see which ones you’re really reading and which ones you’re leaving and can delete.
    Generally, I look for blogs written my like-minded women, all of them are moms with similar spiritual/political viewpoints.

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