Flashback Friday – 1

This flashback brought to you by the letters Z and F and the number 11.

I’m sure every parent (except maybe adoptive parents) gets the “Oh, your son/daughter looks just like you/your spouse!”  We are no exception to that rule.  Today I’m posting “flashback” photos of Husband and myself when we were little with one of Anja in between, so you may compare and give me your thoughts on who she looks like.




Baby 9 092208

Me (on the right…a couple of my readers will recognize the other baby):


I’ll tell you another day what I think!


14 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – 1

  1. I honestly can’t tell these things, but if I was a bettin’ girl I would say the bottom pic. Just happen to find you through the epidemic that’s sweeping the internet about fellow Heidi’s out there. (OK, I have just seen 2 do it, but still….) Just wanted to give a Heidi-Ho to another Heidi.

  2. There’s an online tool somewhere where you input pictures of you, your spouse and your child and then it analyzes and tells you who the baby looks more like. I input pictures until it told me our LG was 50/50. 🙂
    That said, I think your Anja looks like a pretty good split.

  3. My first impression was that she looks more like her daddy — but it’s really hard to say. She definitely has his eyes and your mouth; the shape of the face is more difficult to guess given the different angle each photo was taken from.

    Whoever she ends up resembling more, one thing is for certain: she is cute as a button, and she comes from good stock. 🙂

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