My Baby Looks Like…

Both of us! In my opinion…and thanks for sharing all of yours, by the way.

Here’s the photos for review.




Baby 9 092208



I think she has her daddy’s eyes and nose, but more of my face shape and mouth.  I would say she gets told more often that she looks “just like daddy,” but when my mom’s best friend saw a photo of her wearing sunglasses (thus covering the Daddy eyes), she proclaimed that she looks just like me.  So…jury’s out.  But it was fun for me to hear what you thought!

p.s. This is my 300th post!


8 thoughts on “My Baby Looks Like…

  1. She looks like both of you – did you know that there are bizarre reasons why fathers get told that they resemble their firstborn more than mothers? It’s to reinforce paternity and keep dad sticking around. Krazee!

  2. She does look like both of you and she is a DOLL! I like Beck’s theory! I better keep telling my hubby that our oldest looks JUST like him…make sure he sticks around, we’ve got our 7th on the way, I need him! 🙂 No, he’s in it for the long haul…he’s not going anywhere, thank goodness!

    Congrats on your 300th! Whew, that’s a lot of good writing!

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