A Fall Drive in Minnesota

Two weekends ago, the leaves here were at PEAK.  I had Saturday off (no weddings to shoot), so the three of us jumped in the car and drove along the St. Croix River through Stillwater and up to Taylors Falls.  I honestly cannot remember having a more spectacular fall than this one in my lifetime.  Oh, and also?  Autumn in the Twin Cities lasts longer than 2 weeks!  This is my third fall here, and I am still amazed by that every year.  In Fargo the leaves go from green to brown to on the ground in literally about 2 weeks’ time.

Forgive the blur in some of these shots–they were taken from the car window as we whizzed by the breathtaking scenery.  One of the best fall drives in Minnesota!

Leaves 101108

I can’t even describe how beautiful this Sumac was as you drove by it, enveloping you on the highway. My photo does it no justice whatsoever.

Sumac 101108

The wall was to hold back the beauty.

Wall 101108

Maple 101108

Oh, hello boat!

Stillwater 101108

Cliffs 101108

Drive 101108

We ended our day (in the pouring rain) with cheeseburger pizza (pickles on it!) and Pistachio and Monster Cookie ice creams at Schoony’s in Taylors Falls. Yum!

22 thoughts on “A Fall Drive in Minnesota

  1. Cool! I made that very trip on the back of a motorcycle in the summer and we stopped for coffee at Schoony’s! It looks more beautiful in the fall though.

  2. I keep walking around saying “this is the best ever!” and I’ve lived here my whole life. Sometimes it goes WAY to fast. The leaves turn and then it freezes and the wind blows and then BOOM, done.
    This year it has been so slow and lovely. Your pictures made my heart all swelled up with LOVING IT.

  3. I am SO JEALOUS! Where I am in California, we have about two weeks of fall, and hardly any colors. The leaves fall of the trees right around Thanksgiving, and that’s that. Then it gets really cold for a few months, we’re lucky to have a little snow, and then it’s miserable hot anywhere between March and May… until… November. Why do I live here? *sigh*

  4. Hasn’t it been just the most beautiful fall? And, as usual, I had every intention (and more than ample opportunity) to take my kids’ pictures in this autumn wonder but again, for the millionth year in a row, I didn’t. And now the peak is long passed. Maybe next year…?…

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. Hey, that looks almost like here – well, ‘here’ about two weeks ago. Pictures just never seem to do justice to the leaves, do they?
    Cheeseburger pizza? At first, that just made me feel sick, but then I thought about pizza with pickles on it. Mmmm…pickles on pizza….we may have to try that soon.

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