Flashback Friday – 2

Do you remember last Spring when I wrote this post?  Turns out it’s the most popular post I have, even though it’s also one of the most controversial (though I don’t know why, because the scientific evidence is right there for the reading at the end).  So…I have an amazing story to share from the mouth of a reader that is SO COOL.

Well I read this post back in June after MckMama linked to it… It got me thinking to say the least… About a week later after some research on my own I went off the pill I was on- after finding out it was one of the worst (the Mini-Pill). We were being “careful” for the most part until I could get in to see my OBGYN- in AUGUST. Well one week before my appointment, I got pregnant. So this sweet 14 week old baby growing inside me has youto thank for life- and us and God! 🙂 Thank you for your thought provoking post- I really enjoyed it- and we are so excited for baby #2!

This Flashback Friday could almost be called Flashforward Friday!  Thank you for reason to celebrate today, Emily!

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – 2

  1. I hadn’t read that one yet. I really liked it! I didn’t realize that birth control pills could kill babies until I heard it on a Duggar Family special. I was floored! I couldn’t believe my doctor had never told me this! I wasn’t on the pill at the time, but I’ve chosen never to go back on it because of that information.

    What a gift your post was to that family! WOW.

    Blessings, Whitney

  2. I didn’t read your blog when you posted about thic topic originally, but it was about three years ago when I was also “enlightened.” It was quite by accident too, because a girl I was counseling pre-maritally was concerned about birth control and loaned me a Randy Alcorn book to read. I had been having all kinds of hormonal problems anyway, so not only did I learn about the abortificient aspect of the pill, I learned about the havoc in can cause in a woman’s body. I went off the pill and much of it was resolved. And NFP has always worked for us. I’ve only gotten pregnant when I wanted to.

  3. I’m on the pill because it regulates my cycle or I’d be bleedding every day, all day. Does that make me pro-choice?

    All I’m saying it that not everything is as it appears.

  4. What a fun email to receive! Prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy for Emily and her sweetpea.

    My heart goes out to women who take birth control pills for medical reasons, as BJ describes. For some women, it is birth control pills vs. a hysterectomy. I’m not about to tell anyone she has to make that particular choice. It’s a position I’d certainly hate to be in and causes me to pause regarding how we approach the subject with others…

    We don’t use birth control of any type, but I did in the past. The pill made me ca-razy.

  5. That post was from before I found your blog, and it was good to go and read it. I took the pill for many years before learning how it works. When I found out, I had just stopped taking the mini-pill while nursing my second son. I was shocked that my doctor didn’t tell me how this pill worked. I even asked quite a few questions about it when he prescribed it.

    I also have the problem of having a medical issue that is best controlled by either pregnancy or being on the pill. In the last 6 years, I have controlled it through regular pregnancy, but that is not a good long term solution for me! 🙂 For me, the decision I have come to is that I will continue to use my preferred method of birth control (diaphram) even if I need to be on the pill. Many women don’t know that the diaphram is just as effective at preventing pregnancy as the pill when used properly! This goes against the literature put out by organizations such as planned parenthood, but again, a little research goes a long way. This way, if I need to take the pill for six months, I am taking it much in the way I would take an antibiotic and not using its contraceptive qualities at all. I don’t know if that approach will work for everyone who takes it for medical reasons or not, but it is what will have to work for me.

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