Pancakes and Fraternity

Just over two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting yet another friend I met via blog for brunch.  She was in town visiting family, but she was kind enough to spare a morning to meet me and Anja at The Original Pancake House.  Oh yum!  Anja and I split some pumpkin pancakes; have I mentioned that I love all things pumpkin this time of year?  If not, now I have.  And if you’ve never been to The OPH, and you like breakfast food…what are you WAITING for?  It’s super duper yummy.  And it’s set up like Grandma’s house–stained glass, oak woodwork, hand-carved chairs.

Anyway, Tara and I talked about accents (how mine is very notably Minnesotan and there’s a bit o’ the South creeping into hers), daddies (we have both lost ours recently), Jesus (we both love Him) and our families.

Tara, you’re every bit as sweet as your blog.  Thanks for having some pancakes with me!

6 thoughts on “Pancakes and Fraternity

  1. I love Anja’s face in this picture! Yeah I can’t believe I used to live in Edina at one point in time and never even heard of the Original Pancake House! Needless to say, my hubby was jealous!

  2. My hubby just took my to OPH recently and they are delish! My sister used to nanny for the originator of the OPH.. He’s since passed away and his wife runs it now..I just bumped into her at Ridgedale not long ago. Very nice people!!!

    How’s that for randomness in your comments section? 🙂

  3. I’m with you on all things pumpkin! Pumpkin pancakes soud just about perfect for breakfast this weekend! I bet our LG would love them! I must be getting hungry. This is my second comment in a row about food.
    It’s great that you’re getting to meet all these blogging women. How exciting!

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