St. Paul Restaurants

Hey!  I wrote this post last month and had to delete a bunch of obsolete stuff up here.  But here’s some good restaurants in St. Paul that I dined at in September…

Restaurant #1: Senor Wong’s

If you have never heard of Asian-Mexican fusion, this is IT!  From what I understand of fusion, it means Asian foods prepared in a Mexican fashion.  Check out their menu.  I went here for lunch with a friend some of you might recognize from the comments.

Restaurant #2: Mickey’s Diner

Husband and I went here on a date day (glorious freedom!  His parents came to babysit.).  It had a very local flavor, as in the guy with the long, gray scraggly beard next to us was harrassing the server and she was having none of it.  You are seated at a bar just inches from where they are taking orders, cooking food, etc.  Literally, there is so little elbow room that you just might get hot grease spilled on you by disgruntled employees as they move back and forth in tandem (not enough room for them to pass each other).  The food was great.  We had pancakes, bacon and, after watching them made (pour on the lard, my friends), a side of hashbrowns.  Husband declared they were the best he’d ever eaten.  And the cook told us that Tim Pawlenty is an arrogant jerk.  How ’bout that?

Restaurant #3: Great Waters Brewing Co.

We split some nachos and a London Broil.  Both were tasty, and they have their own beer.  Right on 7th Place, which has great culture (The Artists’ Quarter next door supplied us some fine music as we dined al fresco).


4 thoughts on “St. Paul Restaurants

  1. I’ve been to Sr. Wong’s too. Imagine that! I forgot to report – their dinner menu has a much larger variety (and price tag) than their lunch menu. I was wishing they’d had more Mexican dishes, but learned that they actually do at dinner time. Delicious! Especially the appetizers…

  2. Ooooo, senor wongs, that looks like a fun place. I think next time I’m up for a visit I’ll have to persuade my sister to go there.

  3. Well for Minneapolis, check out Citizen Cafe. My grandfather opened this restaurant, then called, “Bill’s House of Good Food” back in the 50’s and it was very popular in its day. Since then then the place has been bought by new ownership, and it’s supposed to be excellent! (Why didn’t I go there two weeks ago, I have no idea!!!) The chef logo is the same as the one my grandfather, Bill Nelson, used.

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