Tub o’ Dough

I just sat down at the computer with a little tub of Papa Murphy’s cookie dough.  Three or 4 cookies’ worth later, I feel like am a glutton.  Where was someone telling me to stop?  Had Anja only been here to beg (like usual), I would have put it away pronto.  There is no one to blame but myself.  Ugh.

In other news, I was up north this past weekend doing photo shoots, visiting relatives, and mostly…driving.  I listened to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey while I drove.  It was pretty boring for the first 4 CDs worth (of 7), but now it appears to be turning into a sort of mystery, which makes it more bearable.  I can handle Jane Austen in 2-hour feature films, but every time I’ve dug into one of her books, the tediousness of it all has given me hives.  Am I alone in this?  Probably.

In still more news, we carved pumpkins last night!  I hope to have photos up for Halloween.  What are you doing for Halloween?  Husband’s grandma used to make it a very special occasion for him.  Fancy homemade costumes and lots of creepy decorations were the order of the day.  We don’t get real fancy around here…yet.

I have to admit I fell into the Christianese mindset of “Halloween is evil, as in the fruits of the devil” (name that movie!) for awhile, but then I realized that most holiday celebrations (Christmas, Easter, etc.) that are celebrated by Christians today are full of pagan customs.  And they are only pagan if you choose to make them pagan.  Do we worship witches if we celebrate Halloween?  No!  No more than we worship our Christmas tree upon putting it up every year!  It’s a fun occasion for the kids to dress up, get candy from neighbors, and tell some spooky stories.  Pretty harmless.  Do I want my kids skanking around town at nasty parties dressed like pirate whores as soon as they hit their teens?  No, of course not.  But I don’t think letting them dress as a strawberry and say “trick or treat” at the neighbor’s door is a step off of prison.

Stepping calmly off soapbox…what are you doing for Halloween?  Anything fun?  Dressing up at all?  Anja is a little young for trick-or-treating this year, so we bought a bunch of candy (made the mistake of getting fruit leather one year…kids were not big fans…) to give out and figure she’ll enjoy accompanying us to the door.  We’re so festive.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Tub o’ Dough

  1. We’ve had a week of halloween. Last weekend was Fright fest in our town, so there was trick-or-treating and a parade. Add celebrations in school, a party at the library on Friday, and trick or treating in a neighboring town Friday night. I always decorate to the nines. We love Halloween! Dan grew up in Anoka (Halloween capital of the world, you know, great parade) so it’s a big deal for us! Thank you, by the way, for not pushing Anja in a stroller and going to the doors begging for treats for her. I saw that more than once last weekend!!!!

  2. Thank you! I think most Christians who rant about Halloween don’t even realize the same deal about the other holidays you mentioned. And if not of pagan origin, every single American holiday is so commercialized, which they fall prey to as much as the rest of us! I just think some people want a reason to feel pious.

    As for celebrating on Friday, we are either taking our 13-year-old, tag-along neighbor “son” to our church’s Fall Festival, or we are going to “Light the Night” (hand out treats and tracts at the door)! We only got 2 last year, though, which was HORRIBLE because my candy bowl was overflowing and we ate the rest. I’ve still got Tootsie Pops left from last year!

    Fruit leather! The kids don’t know what they’re missing! Have you made the homemade stuff with applesauce in the oven? Oh, makes me crave some right now!

    Well, when I have a yearling, he/she’s going to win his/her momma some wicked candy stash once Halloween rolls around!

  3. We have two painted pumpkins on the doorstep and that’s all as far as decorations go. We’ll go trick-or-treating and then to sleep, not a big deal around here. Last year one little boy came to our house and my husband dumped our entire bowl of candy into his bag, luckily he was the only kid to show up the whole night.

  4. We’re just taking the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood this year. (I say “this year” like going door to door in your own neighborhood is such a novel concept because we tried the mall one year — NEVER AGAIN.) Just have to finish the boy’s costume…

    Off topic, but I’ll forget if I don’t ask now — did you make the clips that Anja is wearing in the photos in your Flickr stream? They are so cute! I’ve been looking everywhere for alligator clips, but I think I’m going to have to order some online if I want to make my own. When you have a moment, I’d love more details…

  5. We live on a farm, not really a neighborhood, so we’ll take the kids to see their Aunt and Uncle and grandparents for a little “trick or treat.” We go shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops for costumes, and then we have them around to play dress-up throughout the year.

  6. I’ll be dressing up as a lounge-around-the-house person. And I’ll probably stay in too.

    My sisters, however, want to go trick-or-treating around Beverly Hills. Ha!

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