All the Pretty Memes

I’m doing a bit o’ catching up here…I’ve been tagged with some of these since mid-September.  So bad.  Warning: You will soon know more about me than you ever wanted to know!


Like my friend Hibby, who was also tagged this meme, I could pretty much just post Jamie’s as my own, so I will try to get creative with it.

Six by Three Meme
Six Things I Value

1. God’s love and daily grace, both which I desperately need.

2. Scarves, but not wool ones.

3. A chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (here’s lookin’ at you, Isabel!).

4. Cheap, spiral-bound planners. I will probably never be a PDA or Blackberry type girl.

5. Anja’s cheeks. I kiss them whenever I can.

6. Efficiency.

Six Things I Don’t Support (several of these still match Jamie’s…I tried!)

1. Abortion.

2. Lying.

3. Big government.

4. The morals and values of today’s society, which, frankly, are in the toilet (for example, just turn on the television for five minutes as evidence of our nation’s obsession with sex).

5. The media’s biased and inaccurate reporting.

6. Stirrup pants.

Six People I Tag (if they are interested)

1. Wifeandmommy

2. Esther

3. Erica H.

4. Paula

5. Tara

6. Whitney


I got tagged by my Wifeandmommy for this one.

Seven Random Things

Here are the rules:
Post the rules on your blog.
Write 7 random things about yourself.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post.
Pass on the tag.

7 things:

1. I play the flute

2. I bit my fingernails until I was 19

3. I have an impinged biceps tendon

4. I started a recipe blog and deleted it before ever telling anyone about it

5. The only points I lost on my driver’s test were for “backing”

6. My hair is very fine (but not thin!)

7. I can outrun most toddlers

7 tags:

1. Sara

2. Jennifer

3. Another Heidi

4. Joanna

5. Johanna

6. Lori

7. Rachel


I was tagged for this last meme by two people, Amy at livinglocurto and Kelly at lovewell.  The purpose of the meme is to share five ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.

Here goes!

+ I have found a community that I never expected.  I came looking for accountability and a few moms, and the amount and quality of friends I have made has surpassed my wildest dreams!

+ An outlet for writing, and an audience!  Because as much as I enjoy writing, it’s more fun to do it when there is interaction with others.  If it weren’t for you folks, I would have deleted this real estate I have on the Web long ago.  My journals?  They never talk back, much less with encouraging/funny/heartwarming stories.

+ I have been inspired in many ways.  By visiting YOUR real estate, I have been inspired to pick up a camera (which has turned into a business for me!), write better and more often, try my hand at new crafty things, make my house a home, record memories in a more meaningful way, share burdens, and know Christ on a deeper level.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

+ I have felt loved and validated as my dorky, opinionated self.  You might not feel the same if you met me in person, but the love and acceptance I’ve felt via the written word is indescribable.

– I spend WAY more time on the Internet than I ever have in my life.  I need boundaries, friends!  Boundaries.  I should read a book about it or something.  But that would take away time from blogging…


I’m encouraging everyone who wants to play along with any of these to do so!


7 thoughts on “All the Pretty Memes

  1. Just saw the tag! I was thinking it was high time to post something new on the ol’ blog, but I am so unmotivated these days…Thanks for giving me something to write! 🙂

  2. Stirrup pants — excellent item on the “do not support” list. Thank goodness the 80’s (and even early 90’s) are over, and may those fashion trends never be revived.

    I’m also impressed that you can outrun most toddlers. I have a hard time just keeping up with mine. 🙂

  3. Anything to get me to post – I’ll get on that meme as soon as I can! I just had to say that I play the flute (I used to play in church but I have strangely failed to inform my current church of this ability…). I also used to bite my fingernails, but I didn’t quit until just before second semester of my senior year of college! They are now decent, but they paid a price over those nail-biting years! (I still can’t help but bite my cuticles; I mean, who carries a cuticle clipper everywhere??) And finally, my hair is also fine but not thin! And straight as a board!

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