Batty Batty Bat!

Here’s Anja, trying to figure out what these big orange things are.  They don’t look anything like her jingly pumpkin necklace.  This was taken shortly before she tried to lift one.

We had a grand old time, letting Anja touch the seeds and gook.

Then the pacifier had to come out because she kept trying to eat the seeds and gook.

Babies do that kind of stuff, I guess.  Daddy also gave her her own little pumpkin to “carve” with a spoon.  That, as you can imagine, worked very well.  But it actually kept her entertained for a little while so we could do some carving of our own.

Mine’s a bat in front of gothic windows, if you can’t tell.  He’s a little lopsided, but that’s what happens.

And here’s Husband’s:

Fun times!  Happy Halloween, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Batty Batty Bat!

  1. Great pumpkin carvings! I was going to carve a few with my kids even tho they are older now but we haven’t gotten it done yet. My son will be home from college this weekend but with the harvest going on full swing, I don’t know if we will find much time to get it done.

  2. Those are awesome pumpkins. We haven’t even carved one this year — it’s kind of a pain, especially considering no one but me will eat the pumpkin seeds (cooked, of course).

    Looks like Anja had a great time “helping.” 🙂

  3. Wow. Your bat pumpkin is amazing. My carvings resemble Anja’s attempt. My artist battle cry has always been, “It’s the thought that counts.”

  4. I still puzzle over where you got all your creative abilities, the pumpkins are amazing and something I was never able to do, couldn’t even cut out the standard triangle eyes, etc. As you may recall, I was never in there helping pull out the goo, that was Dad’s job!

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