Tin Foil Tiara

The candy rush is over–we only got about 30 trick-or-treaters, which I expected, so each kid averaged about 10 pieces of candy.  Yay for them!  Anja even was allowed half a fun size Twix as a snack after supper.  She accompanied us to the door every time the doorbell rang, and was quite enamored with the costumed munchkins shouting “Trick or Treat!”  She wasn’t scared in the least, but instead pointed at one child after another, saying, “That?  That?  That?” (It’s her way of asking “What is that?”)

A little after 8:00, we scrammed out of here and to Chipotle, where we waited in line with a bunch of other people (only for about 10-15 minutes) wearing tin foil items and got a free burrito apiece!  Yay for us!  I think this may become a new Halloween tradition–stopping for some Mexican after trick-or-treating.

On our way home from there, we stopped at Target and bought a clearance Halloween costume (and…uh…more candy) that should fit Anja for the next couple of Halloweens.  Yay for Anja!  And now we will have something answer next year when people ask what she will be for Halloween.

Another thing I crave this time of year is Home Improvement.  I don’t really know why other than that Tim Allen always put together amazing Halloween and Christmas episodes.  So now that Anja is in bed (over an hour later than normal) we’re going to cozy up and watch one.  I can’t wait!

How was your evening?  Spooky?  Mundane?

4 thoughts on “Tin Foil Tiara

  1. Sounds like a fun night! And Chipotle–yum!

    I spent the evening putting our church’s photo directory together and getting ready for the photos I’ll be taking at tomorrow’s Blessing of the Animals event. It’s a fundraiser for the rescue where we’ve gotten our last few dogs.

    And now? To bed!

  2. Ours was a non-event. I stationed myself on the couch by the front door around 6:00, fully anticipating the little knocks. Nobody came. Oh, well – three bags of candy for us!

  3. My evening was boring….I spent it in the tractor until 10:30! Wasn’t even home to hand out any candy to the neighbor kids….sometimes we get a few that stop in here at the farm. I like your night alot better…sounds great!

  4. Is that a contest they hold? I love Chipotle. They opened one up in Kato, but because Jim doesn’t like it, I have to go solo. I miss the one I used to live by (well sort of, it was in Uptown, I was in Edina, but close enough!).

    My Halloween was – well – grrrrrrrrrr. I posted two rants about it. Dont read them, they are full of anger, and that is not me. But I needed to get if off my chest.

    I may need to find a smiley to post now so people dont think I jumped off the deep end!

    Happy All Saints Day!

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