My Baby Looks Like…

Both of us! In my opinion…and thanks for sharing all of yours, by the way.

Here’s the photos for review.




Baby 9 092208



I think she has her daddy’s eyes and nose, but more of my face shape and mouth.  I would say she gets told more often that she looks “just like daddy,” but when my mom’s best friend saw a photo of her wearing sunglasses (thus covering the Daddy eyes), she proclaimed that she looks just like me.  So…jury’s out.  But it was fun for me to hear what you thought!

p.s. This is my 300th post!

Sunday Sunshine – 2 (or…Northerners can do it, too!)

I’m going to cry.  Over Sunday Sunshine.  I just wrote a long, better-than-usual post and it’s GONE.  The Internets ate it.  But I am going to try to re-create that bad boy.  Yes, I am.


This week’s Sunday Sunshine was delivered via the hands of 6 lovely Minnesotan mommy bloggers.   We got together with the sole purpose of proving that those north of the Mason-Dixon Line can party like rockstars, too.  Without the aid of laptops.  Over breakfast.  At a health food restaurant.  (So much for the rockstars part.)

No, but really, we had a great time.  It was a little awkward at first, kind of like the first day of school (except I got lost and was late, which didn’t happen to me in school).

I have never before sat with a group of people and “talked shop” about blogging; it was interesting.  The Internets have taken relationships to a level I couldn’t have imagined in high school or college.   “Do you read so-and-so?” replaced “Do you know so-and-so?”  It didn’t seem strange, though.  We bloggers pour so much of our selves into our writing that it is possible to get to know someone without meeting face to face.  That said, it was great to meet the flesh-and-blood (and typing fingers?) behind the computer.

I wanted to stay longer, but something about children and errands and stuff broke up our little party.  Kids schmids.   (Just kidding, Anja; you know I love you!)  Thank you all for being yourselves and for giving me the opportunity to meet some other mommies in my area!

Without further ado, here is a photo of my Sunshine (and links to their accounts of our day):

L to R,  Rachel of badgersontheloose, Heather of theextraordinaryordinary, Kelly of lovewell, Sara of greetingsfrombutterville, Whitney of babytunnelexodus, Jenny of a-latte-talk and myself!  Now go get yourself some Sunshine by visiting their blogs!

As if this were not enough, I recently got to meet another blogger (a left-her-heart-in-Minnesota gal) over breakfast!  I will recount that lovely tale later this week.

Blessings to you all this Sabbath!

Flashback Friday – 1

This flashback brought to you by the letters Z and F and the number 11.

I’m sure every parent (except maybe adoptive parents) gets the “Oh, your son/daughter looks just like you/your spouse!”  We are no exception to that rule.  Today I’m posting “flashback” photos of Husband and myself when we were little with one of Anja in between, so you may compare and give me your thoughts on who she looks like.




Baby 9 092208

Me (on the right…a couple of my readers will recognize the other baby):


I’ll tell you another day what I think!

“Hot” and some Recipes

Generally-speaking, I don’t like posting more than once a day, so this will be a bit of a hodge podge.

Anja had a bath yesterday morning (I know! Phenomenal!).  I usually change her diaper right there next to the tub so I don’t have to worry about little urination incidents between her bedroom and the bath.  As I was wiping her clean (it was #2…sorry to be SO GRAPHIC), she looked over at the semi-open diaper next to her.  Now, on the changing table, she doesn’t normally see her diapers; I put them directly into the garbage.  She gazed at it for a couple of seconds, and then uttered, “Hot.”  That in-and-of-itself might seem pretty funny, but it gets funnier (more funny?).  Anja’s word for any type of food, hot or cold, is “hot.”  If she sees food and wants it, she says “hot.”  So…I don’t know if she was making the connection that what she saw in that diaper once used to be “hot,” or, more likely, she wanted to eat it.  Gross…


With that delectable start, on to recipes!

I made 3 new recipes this past week, and all of them were pretty good, so I thought I would share.  We are omnivores, but we tend to eat vegetarian/vegan about 80% of the time, so all three are meatless recipes.  If you are one of those who needs meat to be the center of every meal, it could easily be added to any of these.

#1 – Vegan Fajitas.  I liked these much more than Husband.  He hates beans, and this recipe has a can of black beans in it.  I added a little cinnamon and lemon juice to the recipe to make it slightly more authentic, and I cut the olive oil and red wine vinegar down to about a tablespoon each.

#2 – Barley Bake.  Husband liked this much more than me.  It was supposed to serve 6 people, but I ate about 1/5 the recipe and Husband ate THE REST.  He was hungry that day.  This is what got Anja started on her recent mushroom kick.  She loves ’em!  I think I added some thyme to this recipe, because I like thyme.  And I used whole grain hull-less barley rather than pearled because it’s more nutritious.

#3 – Zucchini Risotto.  My first time making risotto, and all three of us thought it was fantastic!  Though I now understand why normal people don’t often undertake risotto…it takes 4 arms just to keep up with all the stirring and chopping and such.  I guess if I’d had the ingredients all laid out and ready I would’ve been fine.  I have this horrible habit of starting a recipe and not realizing how much time it’s going to take or running into a bunch of prep that I forgot about (oh, it says one chopped onion, and a zucchini sliced thin with a vegetable peeler – oops!).  Oh, well.  With a little help stirring and chopping from Husband, it turned out delicioso!

So go forth, try new things and share about them!  If you’ve recently tried a new recipe, tell us about it in the comments, please.

Here’s a random photo of Hubby and Anja that I like.  It’s very indicative of his personality.

Daddy 'n' Me

Don’t Hate Me Because I Think This is Hilarious

My husband showed me this SNL spoof on “The O.C.” back in the day, and I though it was pretty funny. I’ve never watched the show, but he explained that it’s known for being over-dramatic. The actual clip is linked first, and it’s a little bloodier than the two spoofs. But you kind of have to watch that melodrama to “get” the rest.  The original:

The SNL spoof (a link)

And the grand finale, the “Charlie Bit Me” spoof:

Cody Linley is a BABY.

Line of the night on Dancing with the Stars!  In fact, that entire “political ad” had me laughing.

What doesn’t have me laughing is the scandalous costumes.  Pretty much anyone who hasn’t had a c-section is wearing bikinis to dance in on a regular basis.  Husband isn’t allowed to even be in the room while it’s on anymore, because I fear for his mental rolodex.  Why, oh why, can’t they cover up a little?


Perhaps that isn’t the correct word, because what I’m trying to rid myself of is not chaff or waste.  I have a question for you, my friends.  How do you choose which blogs to read?

When I first started blogging, I only had a couple that I read frequently, because I hadn’t really “met” many people.  But now that I have quite a lot of regular readers who I try to keep up with, my Google Reader is simply overwhelming to look at every day.  I try to visit everyone and only comment when I feel I really have something to add, but as much as I enjoy it, it is starting to take up way too much of my time.

Aamodt’s Apple Orchard and St. Croix Vineyard

I have been meaning to post about this for weeks, but I simply haven’t done it, so I am going to let the photos (mostly) tell the story of WHY we go back to this orchard and vineyard every year. Fantastico!

St. Croix Vin 2 092008

St. Croix Vin 092008

You know, I love the look of wine and the idea of wine, but even St. Croix’s wines, which my husband likes the best of all wines he’s tried, cannot tempt me.

St. Croix Vin 3 092008

Best. Kettle Corn. Ever.

Kettle Gold 092008

Aamodt's 092008

Aamodt's 3 092008

Aamodt's 2 092008