Free Band Names Here

As a long-time student of The Music (did you know I have half, yes half, a degree in Music Theory and Composition?), I feel I have much to offer professional musicians. This is not pomposity, mind you. My advice is not even musical in nature. I come up with rocking awesome band names. And since I have just recently decided that I will probably never be in a rocking awesome band, I am humbly (NOT so humbly) offering them here for the taking. But Band Dudes? If you take one of these names, I at the very least want to be thanked in the little booklet that goes in front of the CD case. Or in one of the rocking awesome songs.

Here the list:

The Armadana Bandillos (mascot must be an armadillo wearing a bandana)

Toasted Marshmallow (I’ve been hanging on to that one since 1996, baby.)

(You’re going to hate me for this one) Toasted Placenta

Bucket Sam

Screaming Billiards



Don Tabasco


Mr. Snuggle and the Hot Fleeces

Mole at Play


To top this all off, I have some photos of me and my small group playing Rock Band (my first time!) a few weeks ago.  It was WAY more fun than any other video game I’ve ever played, save Dance Dance Revolution, possibly.  As you can see, I can rock out with a plastic guitar, but a real one?  E minor and G remain the only two chords I can play.  And it’s hard to be a rock star with such a limited knowledge.  My small group was very encouraging.  And my favorite was the drums.

Rock Band 2 101208

And yes, I really was this into it…

Rock Band 1 101208

Rock Band 3 101208

Rock Band 4 101208


10 thoughts on “Free Band Names Here

  1. My techno band’s name is ‘Rectal Asstronaut’. So no stealing that one!

    Maybe one day they could open for Toasted Placenta. Or, they could get together and tour with ‘Quivering Meniscus!’ That band is a side project of Phil B. and I.

    Happy post-Halloween. Who wants 20 pounds of leftover candy? Anyone?

  2. Wow, you ARE really into it — go, Heidi! Looks like y’all had fun. And by the way, O Professional Namer of Bands, my favorite from your list is “Mr. Snuggle and the Hot Fleeces.” Ha!

  3. that’s hilarious 🙂

    My DH has a band in high school that was called Mr. Spork and the Hoolapoops. He’s got loads of other funny names over the years.

  4. Isn’t rock band awesome! They really need to get some U2 songs to play though. The drums are my favourite. Also, I’m quite the fan of Don Tobasco as a band name.

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