If Texas were to secede right now…

I think I would heartily urge my family to move there.

America, be very afraid.  The price of everything is going to go up, up, up.

But, as I’ve said before…we get the government we deserve.  I can only hope the Republican party takes this as a wake-up call.  Conservatives won’t readily back a non-conservative candidate.

23 thoughts on “If Texas were to secede right now…

  1. I’ve heard other states might do the same — but then when I looked at their election results, it seemed they were blue… hmmm. I don’t think the new Democratic governor of Montana for instance would stand for them seceeding from the Union.

    I, too, believe that costs of things are going to go up. I think that lots of things are going to change.

    And I think this is something my daughter was talking about that was needed to bring about a unification of what is a very splintered Republican party. It happened with the “Contract with America” and Newt Gingrich, but was unfortunately squandered. Hopefully if something like that occurs again the lesson was learned so that it isn’t squandered.

    A lot of this is about knowledge/education and what people learn/know about our history. Yesterday we were exposed to 8th graders who didn’t even know what the US Constitution was! They had no idea that it used today! I felt so sorry for these kids, and yet it also scared me because they’ll be voting in the next election.

  2. We are going to HAVE to spend more on taxes at some point regardless of who won thanks to Bush adding four TRILLION dollars ($4,000,000,000,000.00) to the National Debt. Our huge deficit is just deferred taxes – which will be blamed on whoever is President when we have to pay them back (with interest).

    Putting a quicker end to spending $10 billion per month in Iraq will certainly help.

    Just getting Bush out of office is a huge improvement. When has our country been in worse shape? Even if Carrot Top were elected President this fall, we would still be better off.

    But seriously – every time a Democrat wins an election, my Republican friends all cry “Secede!” And every time a Republican wins, my Democrat friends cry “I’m moving to Canada!” Can’t we at least get a little more creative?

  3. Actually, cutting spending would be a first step to reducing the national debt, and Obama just wants to spend $900 billion more.

    Agree on Iraq. Yes, thank goodness Bush is out. He was supposed to be a voice for personal rights and small government; Clinton looks pretty good in comparison.

    And I’m not a Republican. I like Texas because it is warm and it has super-cheap property, and it’s one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S. because it has one of the lowest personal and corporate income taxes. Can’t hide from Obama, but we wouldn’t have to deal with a Coleman or a Franken. 🙂

  4. You forget to mention that along with his proposed $900 billion in new spending, he is proposing $989 billion in spending CUTS in other areas. And $10 billion per month in savings adds up FAST.

    Anyway, there are so many statistics out there and so many ways to manipulate them either way – so you could have a statistics war that lasts forever and neither person would get anywhere.

    I should have substituted “conservative” for “Republican” and “liberal” for “Democrat” in my post. My bad.

    But in your post, you said you’d move to Texas if they secede. You didn’t mention anything about the weather or their taxes. What keeps you in MN? Why not move to a state with NO income taxes? I shouldn’t suggest that – you’re my friend and I don’t want you to leave. But there are cheaper places to live than Texas! Anyways, your income taxes should be going down soon if promises are kept.

    Rrgh – this is why I hate election time. People think they can change each other’s minds – or that they have the right to tell other people that they are wrong in what they believe in or why they vote a certain way. And now even I am getting sucked in! At least now the elections are over are we are stuck, for better or worse, with who we have for the next four years.
    Live and let live!

  5. I will believe the cuts when I see them. For our sake, I hope he follows through. Bush certainly didn’t.

    My family keeps me in MN. As for changing minds, obviously people ARE changing their minds every time there’s an election or one party would always win. It is an absolute must to discuss things like politics because they are so important and they affect everyone. I doubt anyone thinks less of you or me for voicing our opinions…I certainly won’t stop being your friend just because you’re more liberal-minded.

    My income taxes may go down, but to do so is costing other folks who have made an honest living their money. If you over-tax the producers you bring down production, you lose jobs and you bring up prices and scarcity. If you socialize medicine you lose choice and quality. If you pump out a bunch of money to bail out private business and keep interest down, you devalue the money and everyone looses. People will not work more for less. Common sense and history back that up. Redistribution is the road to poverty. The government is subsidizing laziness and taxing production.

    In other news, did you look at my favorite LOLCats? 🙂

  6. Your comment in your comments about “income taxes may go down….” was spot-on, Heidi! I told a friend today he should switch his doctoral major to sociology and his dissertation can be a study on socialism and the continuing downward spiral of America.

    That said, if Texas weren’t so far away from Manitoba and so dang full of heat, tornadoes, and scorpions, I would SO consider moving there. 🙂

  7. While it makes for a catchy slogan, to say that the government is subsidizing laziness is making a very big blanket statement about people who require government aid for any number of reasons. If a person becomes disabled or becomes terminally ill, they would probably resent being called lazy. If, God forbid, you get in an accident and your husband dies and you become crippled and can’t work to support your child, much less actually get the health care you need, are you going to refuse government aid on the principle that subsidization promotes laziness? Of course there are lazy people that take advantage of government subsidizing; that’s why it’s not a black-and-white issue. Nobody is losing their right to choose their health care provider. And people who need care to stay alive but are physically unable to work to afford it should not be denied. Because they are lazy. I mean – because they are human beings! I do agree that more should be done to catch the people that ARE taking advantage of subsidizing. But it needs to be done without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Unless you are referring to subsidizing businesses. I’m with you on being against pumping out money to bail out private businesses. Especially when it was their own bad decisions that got them in trouble (and show total disregard to the position they are in and put others in by going on a week-long $440,000 retreat AFTER they just got bailed out! Thanks AIG.) When companies are left completely to their own devices, their #1 concern is their own bottom line. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is when it happens at the expense of others (not counting competitiors) – including their customers. Case in point: the bank crisis, Enron, etc. When they are making buckets of money, they want to be left alone by the government and avoid regulation. But when the banks got themselves into trouble (in my liberal opinion, due insufficient regulation of the mortgage loan market) they were ready for government intervention.

    One note on taxing the producers. One of the reasons for the high unemployment rate is because so many companies are incorporating or outsourcing their labor to countries where labor is cheaper and where they can avoid paying their share of U.S. taxes. Imposing extra taxes on companies that do this (or give some sort of credit to companies that DON’T) will motivate them to keep the jobs in the U.S. and actually be responsible. Of course, having lower taxes in the first place might motivate some to keep the jobs here, but we still probably couldn’t compete with India, Hungary, the Philippines, etc. I don’t know what the answer is – that’s why I’m not a politician. I acknowledge that people with differing opinions are just as entitled to them as I am to mine. That’s why we vote – we can’t satisfy everybody, but at least this way the majority of people get the candidate they want (except in 2000!). When we don’t, we work with what we have. If something makes us really unhappy then we lobby or write letters. I just hate to see how polarized we are becoming as a country.

  8. I saw the LOLCats. They are kind of funny, but I have to admit that I don’t understand why they have become such a phenomenon. All over in the I.S. department I see them hanging in peoples’ cubicles. I don’t get it! I think it might be because they remind me of people that talk to little kids in baby talk, which drives me nuts!

  9. Maybe Austin, TX. The “oasis” of Texas. I spoke with somebody who lived there and she said that the only bad thing about Austin is that it’s surrounded by Texas. Never been there, myself. But it was hot enough in Dallas to keep me from wanting to venture too far South! I’d miss the MN weather, I think.

  10. I do not have the faith that trusts the politicians to do the right thing. I believe that a government is needed to ensure rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not to orchestrate our lives. I mean, look at the mess our government is making of things! Taking more and more money and doling it out to their friends and those that are powerful enough to get their ear (one way or another). Why do you think we have such a problem with lobbyists and misuse of funds? Messing with the mortgage market is what helped throw us into this economic mess and printing easy money is deflating our dollar and ruining people’s savings and will ruin our money. Also, did you know that most bills passes in congress are never looked at never discussed and almost never read by the politicians that are voting on them? Why trust them?

    I don’t like the politician Obama because he wants to take more decisions more businesses more money from the individual and put it in the hands of politicians who have proven themselves corrupt or inept over and over again.

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  12. So funny to sit in Texas and read this conversation about Texas. We actually have no state income tax here. But our property tax is high and sales tax is fairly high too. It is also a great state for small business tax wise, but that is about to change in all likelihood. Which means my family is about to lose income. And we don’t send work out of the country either. But the weather…you would miss having four seasons. We don’t have that here – and I’m even in north Texas!

  13. “My income taxes may go down, but to do so is costing other folks who have made an honest living their money. If you over-tax the producers you bring down production, you lose jobs and you bring up prices and scarcity. If you socialize medicine you lose choice and quality. If you pump out a bunch of money to bail out private business and keep interest down, you devalue the money and everyone looses. People will not work more for less. Common sense and history back that up. Redistribution is the road to poverty. The government is subsidizing laziness and taxing production.”

    Whoo-ee, heidi! That’s a zinger of a poli-sci sentence there. Wish I could take credit for something like that 🙂

  14. I believe Oklahoma declared sovereignty from the federal government under the 10th amendment in June of this year. Maybe Texas will wake up too.

  15. We know that we need a good, protected border with Mexico, but if we secede, we’ll probably need an even better one around the rest of the state.

    Kind of interesting to see the misconceptions people have about Texas. Of course, no one here understands why y’all go ice fishing. (I spent some time up north, so I know the answer: It’s really about an excuse to drink, not about those little fish. Kinda like softball.)

    I am at a loss to understand why Minnesota is such a stronghold for socialism. The elitist northeast corridor and the Left Coast are understandable, but MN?

    One of the proposals in Congress right now would tax farmers around $180/yr per head of cattle. It’s an anti-greenhouse gas measure – and heavily supported by vegans. How many dairy farms will shut down? Do you think Texans want to be part of this crazy pop-sci socialism?

    Yes, the last time we tried to leave, there was that unfortunate war. But they wanted us in the union back then. Now, we are an anachronism. Religion, democracy, and personal responsibility just get in the way of socialism. The US can pick up Puerto Rico as a state and keep the stars on the flag at 50.

    Minnesotamom, I wish you a very Merry Christmas (and I make no apologies for the political incorrectness of that!)

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  18. No offense….I was born and raised in Minnesota, but I left it ten years ago and currently live in central Texas to get away from ingrates such as you. I’m happy here and would like to keep Texas conservative, traditionalist, Christian, homophobic, etc. (or whatever other labels that help you libs get through those arctic nights). Insofar as moving to Texas, I kind of had the opposite idea. I thought about forming a non-profit 501-C3 organization to solicit federal tax dollars to rent Greyhound buses for some of our illegal aliens in Texas. We could send them up to Minnesota so that they can receive all that great educational and healthcare benefits paid for by the ‘Minnesota nice’ taxpayers. Hopefully, they will want to establish permanent residency there. Of course, this would happen just before Texas secedes from the Union.

  19. I live in Texas and outside of Austin and the “pinhead” jackasses that live there, this is a great place to live. Franken could probably get elected there!

  20. As soon as Obama was elected….seceding from the Union was the first thing on my mind.

    I moved to Texas 15 years ago. I was born and raised in California (the bankrupt, welfare ridden, gang battered, over priced, liberal infected state) YOu could not pay me to move back. Texas is a great state….I will take the heat and humidity any day to keep my freedom. We have one of the biggest sea ports, we have a large portion of oil and gas/refineries, we have pride in citizens rights, we have no State Tax, we have the right to conceal carry sidearms, we have great universities and medical facilities. I believe if Texas were to secede…it would be a hard transition but once the border was controlled and violent crimes under control I believe most people would want to live here and businesses would want to move their head offices here. We believe in God and yes we cling to our guns too, but just to keep things fair between good and evil.

    Texas has my vote….I am here for life!

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