Neat Mom Tricks

One of the sneaky things I do when I need a quick minute to get things together before Anja and I run out for an errand is to tell her, “Hey Anja!  Go get your shoes on!”

She’ll sit down with her shoes and try to get them on for at least a minute or two, which is usually enough to have Mommy ready to roll.

This may not work for very much longer, so…..what sneaky tricks do you have up your sleeve for buying time?


7 thoughts on “Neat Mom Tricks

  1. Magnets on the fridge. My kids love them. Take all the ones off she can reach, and have her put them back on. It works!
    BTW, I have a prayer vigil going on for MckMama’s Sister and BIL on my blog. Please stop by if you can!

  2. I’ll ask my kids to help me “find” something and put them at other ends of the house. Then when they come back and can’t find it I’ll find it and say “Silly Mommy, it was right here the whole time…what would I do without my helpers?”

  3. When my big kids were little I would buckle then into their carseats about five minutes before I actually had to be out the door. Then I could run back in the house and finish doing whatever I needed to do. I left the garage door closed and the door to the house open, so I could easily hear and see them . It’s all about keeping them contained! At least for a few minutes:)

  4. Thank you so much for lifting up my husband in prayer. I am truly grateful and blessed by all the prayers and support!
    You have also been such a support system and prayer warrior for my sister and Stellan, for that I am grateful, too! Stellan is a miracle!
    I am blessed by your prayers. I wanted you to know that!


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