He does real good

Today I’m playing along with Amy at Living Locurto‘s “get to know husbands” theme.  The premise is that we get to know all about each other on these blogs, and sometimes we get to know people’s kids, but we rarely catch more than a glimpse of husbands.  I know mine gets a mention here and there, but he probably comes across as a fictional excuse for a good anecdote more than a real person.  I think today’s post will help you understand more of this man I married.

Husband was my friend for months before he became anything more.  He is younger than me, and that was a major stumbling block to me when he said he wanted to be “more than friends.”  After several attempts, he finally won the privilege of dating me (tongue planted firmly in cheek here).  He said he knew he wanted to marry me after I read him a story out of the book “Frog and Toad are Friends” on the phone and started crying.  It took me quite a bit longer than that.

Husband has some likes and dislikes, but very few “favorites.”  He hates it when I send him those emails that ask a person to list their favorite everything.  He is not brand loyal, except for to one thing: Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Husband knows less about sports than his wife.  She can regularly school him at golf, but not at basketball.  He’s taller.  He dislikes working out but does it anyway for his health, which makes me very happy.

What he does like is video games.  I have to stop here before I get all rant-y about that.

We have a few loves in common: good art, the outdoors, reading, new and interesting food, and Anja (duh).

He is a very attentive and helpful father, but not what I would call doting (which is a good thing, in my book!).  Anja loves her daddy very much, but she knows he means business when he tells her no.

He always gives the most thoughtful gifts, and it’s usually something I would never have asked for.

He can’t tell a lie to save his life, even when he’s trying really hard.

He’s a swell guy, my husband.  And he’s not nearly as tough as he looks in this photo.  How ’bout yours?



12 thoughts on “He does real good

  1. I’m older than my husband too. And taller (by a little bit)!

    It’s nice to “meet” your hubby. Based on your description, I think he and JP would get along well.

  2. Great to meet your husband! I’m laughing about the video games. My hubby is old school, I don’t have to worry about that… but Fantasy Football… that’s another deal! ha. Thanks for participating in Meet Your Husband Day.

  3. My husband likes video games too, but he’s not the greatest gift giver. He grew up in China and never experienced the whole gift giving celebrations. In fact the very first time he opened a present was on his 22nd birthday, and the present was from me.

  4. He sounds like a great guy and I know he’s just posing to look tough in that pic, he ain’t fooling me! 😉

    I never even thought about husbands and video games, but yeah, I can see how the younger husbands would be into that, I bet my sons will be, too.

    Nice to meet you:)


  5. Interesting to read what folks are writing about their husbands! Good idea too.

    I’m older than my hubby too (by 28 days), and he reminds me of it constantly for those 28 days every year!

    And my hubby is a great, thoughtful gift giver as well.

    I’ll have to ponder this a bit before doing a post about it since we have an anniversary coming up in a month. I may postpone it to then.

  6. Great post, Heidi, it was nice getting to know your hubs a little better. 🙂 The photo made me laugh — I have a couple of tough-guy photos of my husband, too. So much teddy bear under all that growl, eh? 😉

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