Giveaway – The Pleated Poppy

Hey friends! This week I’m celebrating my one-year blogiversary! Thank you all for your kind comments and well-wishes on yesterday’s post.  It was fun to hear from some of you lurkers!

Blogging is one of the most addictive, wonderful hobbies I’ve ever had, and to celebrate my blogiversary, I would like to give things away to YOU.

Today I am privileged to feature The Pleated Poppy.


I found their site a few weeks ago and ordered a set of posy pins, and let me tell you–I LOVE them!  I have worn them on a couple of different jackets, and I think they’d look great on bags, shoes, hats…the possibilities are endless.  Lindsey has a post here that has some images of places to use the pins.

The Pleated Poppy has so many other great products that I can’t let you just stop there.  Go check out their website and their blog for a view of aprons, journals, bags and more*.

Today’s giveaway is for a set of poppy pins in the same fabrics as mine (pictured below).


To be entered for these lovelies, please tell me one of the following things:

1) How YOU got started blogging and what you’ve enjoyed about it

2) If you don’t have a blog, tell me how you happened across mine

3) Which of the products on The Pleated Poppy you like best

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, November 12.


As if the giveaway weren’t exciting enough, Lindsey has a discount code available for us, just in time for holiday shopping!   Use the code minnesotamom when placing your order to receive a %15 discount on your purchase.


12 thoughts on “Giveaway – The Pleated Poppy

  1. I got started blogging in February. I had finally gotten the internet and a new laptop, and my friend Pam, who also had a blog, told me I’d really enjoy it. And now she is to blame for my addiction. 😉
    The Pleated Poppy is so cute! I love the hair clips!
    Congrats again on your one year anniversary!

  2. I started blogging to journal the lives of my boys. Then I remembered that I LOVE the write (I had forgotten). So now it’s more of a selfish hobby, but I do still love saving these memories for the boys and hope they’ll enjoy getting to know my heart and mind somewhere later in life via my blog.

    Good question! 🙂

  3. My first blog was a children’s book blog, because I enjoyed reviewing some of the better children’s books I read with my son. I came back to blogging because I enjoy writing, and also because I want to remember some of the crazy things my kids say and do. It will give me some funny stories to tell the other old ladies in the nursing home someday, and I’ll be able to tell them with more detail than if I were just relying on my memory. 😉

  4. I first started blogging when my friend invited me to join a blog she and another friend had to show their crafty projects to eachother. That blog has grown to six friends now, so my friend and I started our own blog to keep up with eachother across the miles and to talk about homeschool and family things. So now I do both. My favorite thing about blogging is all the really great people I have “met” through blogs.

    My favorite thing on the Pleated Poppy site is the ruffled apron, but for me it would be a waste, because when I cook, I always seem to get things on my upper half – so I need a full apron! But it is sure cute!

  5. 1) Gosh, it was a long time ago. I think my first blog (xanga) started in 2004 when I was away for the summer doing an urban ministry internship, and I just needed a place to write. A friend of mine got me into it. Since then, I’ve sorta gotten over myself and realized I needed to find interesting things to blog about instead of what random things happened during the week. I’m praying and hoping it will help me become a better writer too!

    2) Kudos to my sis for connecting me to you :0)
    3) I like the chubby pins and the tissue box covers. But mostly I love the fabrics, they’re SO cute!

  6. I started blogging because I was looking for a hobby to do with my friend, Amy. We write about motherhood in general. It is a new hobby for us, but a lot of fun so far!

    I love the magnets!

  7. I started blogging after a friend told me he had a blog on livejournal. (First time I’d ever heard the word.) I read his, and all the comments he got. I was going through alot of personal drama at the time, and needed an oulet, so I signed on. That was 7 years ago or so! Imoved top myspace after a couple of years and then to blogger in May. I love it!!!!

  8. I started blogging to journal my step fathers untimely passing a year ago Tuesday. In the middle of posting about missing him, the trials of getting his body home (long story), and Thanksgiving, that my son fell very ill the day that Bruce was buried.

    And from there it took on a life of its own. Admidst tragedy I found a few friends that have stuck around since, and some more recently new ones.

    I found you on a blog that my IRL friend knew and sent me to. I saw your “Minnesota Mom” name and hike myself post haste over here.

    And now I cant leave! :):):)

    As for Pleated Poppy, they are all adorable. I especially love the zippered pouches, and the covered journal (which is sold :()

    Have a happy Sunday!

  9. I started blogging b/c I loved keeping up with some old friends via reading their blogs. I also realized the kids were growing up way too fast and my mind was going that fast as well. I wanted to journal it all.
    It has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I don’t think you want me to list them here.

    Pleated Poppies?!?! All so so cute. The zippered pouches are just so fun and cute.

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  11. happy blogiversary! I started blogging because everyone else was doing it but i cant stay motivated because i just honestly dont have the free time todevote to it.

    cute poppies..i love them! i hope i’m the lucky winner 🙂

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