Update on Mom

Mom had her surgery yesterday at noon, a little later than planned, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  They brought her back upstairs close to three, and she was groggy and sleepy the rest of the day.  She asked me questions over and over, and I even got a funny video of her on my point-and-shoot (which I will show her later so she can laugh).  I went up to see her early this morning because we had to get back home so I could work today.  She was much more lucid this morning, so I was able to talk to her and tell her the funny things she said yesterday.  🙂

She has had a lot of visitors today, and the nurses have finally gotten her up on her feet.  Please continue praying for her recovery–she can’t begin even a liquid diet (ice chips only!) until she, to put it delicately, passes wind.  She hasn’t eaten a thing since Saturday night, and I imagine that’s got to be pretty weakening to anyone.

They took some lymph nodes with the 12 cm of colon, so they can test to see if she will need any further treatment.

Thanks so much for your prayers!  We praise God for the fast and easy surgery and hope for His will in the days to come.


8 thoughts on “Update on Mom

  1. Wish I’d gotten video when JP was coming out of anesthesia. Talk about blackmail material!

    So glad your mom came through everything okay. I’ve never prayed for anybody to fart before, but I will if you think it’ll help! 🙂 Hang in there–thinking of you all.

  2. Didn’t get a chance to check up on you – sorry my wishes are a little late – glad to hear the surgery went well. Will keep all of you in prayer!

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