The Ugly Eagle Shirt

Amy is having another “getting to know bloggy husbands” edition at her blog today, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to expose something my husband owns that I would like to burn, throw away or see eaten by a shark (without him in it, of course).


The Ugly Eagle Shirt has been in Husband’s life for 10-plus years.  Here, in no particular order, are the reasons I hate The Ugly Eagle Shirt.

1) It has a big eagle on it.  Husband is not a Confederate nor is he Native American.

2) This shirt has air conditioning.  Big time.  See?



3) The Ugly Eagle Shirt actually talks.  Here is what it says: “Me ‘n’ Bobby Mark, we use ta go muddin’ back der in da crick*.  No need fer enny fancee ATV er nuttin’, we jest souped up Bobby Mark’s ol’ 1978 Chevrolet pick-up.  The same one we use ta lay a little patch a rubber in front a the courthouse.”  Then I usually interrupt The Shirt.

4) Husband has been known to actually wear The Shirt in public when I am with him.  It is for this reason that I hide The Shirt.

Thankfully, since it’s just a shirt and not actually attached to his person, I can usually overlook the atrociousness of it all.

*This is another contention between us.  Since it is spelled with two Es, I cannot possibly imagine that creek could be pronounced “crick.”  But that’s just how Husband says it.  🙂


How about you?  Anything your other half does or owns that drives you nuts?  If you’re planning to post about it, let me know because I’d love to stop by and hear!


16 thoughts on “The Ugly Eagle Shirt

  1. Of course it’s crick! There’s a couple of towns nearby here, Bear Creek and Deer Creek- but they’re both pronounced Bear CRICK and Deer CRICK. Everyone knows that, and if you say CREEK, they know “you’re not from ’round here.”

  2. Ha! I had to laugh at the shirt because before we got married I made Joe agree that our children would never wear clothing with realistic animal drawings. They creep me out.

    My husband is an artist.
    My husband is, to be precise, a mixed-media sculpter. Some of his “mixed-media” includes SMALL ANIMAL SKULLS.
    So one of our premarital decisions was not to display his art in the public areas of our house, lest our children be permanently traumatized.
    Also, he wears shoes until they fall apart. The end.

  4. You think that shirt is bad? Multiply it by 100, add another 5-10 years, trade the eagle for racecars, and add pit stains and a few more air vents, and you have most of my husbands tshirt drawer.

    They never go away and they seem to reproduce.


  5. Ya know what’s funny, I see that shirt, and I can for some reason imagine what it probably smells like. The old screen print almost dried latex paint kind of smell…. 😛

  6. Um, is it bad that I have a shirt in similar shape? It’s from the Lake Harriet Valentine’s Day fun run, and it’s a long-sleeve t-shirt. From 1993. It’s the perfect weight for a sleep shirt, but it’s gotten so thin that you can pretty much see my skin right through it. Where there aren’t any holes even. And trust me–there are plenty of holes.

    So rock on with your bad t-shirt, Husband! Just don’t wear it in public and embarrass Heidi.

  7. Ha ha! My husband had a couple of really ratty old t-shirts like that, too. Took me, I dunno, 5 or 6 years to finally get rid of them. (He had several.) I did compromise though — I let him put one or two away as a keepsake(!). But they’re in a box in the garage, so I’ll never have to see them on his person again. The rest are in a landfill somewhere.

  8. Hilarious! Maybe it’s time for the “the shirt” to mysteriously disappear??

    I too grew up calling the little body of water at the end of my street a “crick”. Everybody did back then. I have corrected myself to only say “creek” now.

    Really funny post!

  9. Hi – I’m a friend of MckMama’s. She isn’t by her computer but really needs to talk to you. She asked me to get in touch with you and ask you to call her asap. If you don’t have her number you can email me at and I’ll give it too you. I’ll be home until 10:50 this morning.


    This post hit home for me. My hubby has a YOGURT shirt that I hate. I’ll have to write about this on my blog today since it’s PapaBear’s birthday. 🙂

  10. People say ‘crick’ up here too. I understand about the shirt! My husband has several of those air conditioned shirts around too. I usually make the deal that if he buys something new, one (or two) old shirts MUST go…and not just go into the ‘yard work wear’ pile, but in the garbage. Sheesh!

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