Which Would You Want to Get?

I am trying to decide between a couple of types of packaging for my photographs for clients.  Both boxes are a chocolate-y brown.  But one has a texture not unlike football leather, and the other is more smooth.

I hope you can see the difference in this photo…


If you were my client, which would you like to receive?  Which one is more classy to you?


27 thoughts on “Which Would You Want to Get?

  1. I like the top one. The other one as you said is like a football.
    Which maybe the guy wouldn’t mind pictures if he could throw around the box afterward?
    No, the top one, it looks like a bar of dark chocolate, waiting for someone to bite…ok maybe that one’s not good either if people want to eat it.
    So YOU have to decide do you want people to EAT their pictures or throw them?

  2. I’m going with smooth and I’ll tell ya why…

    Dust. After a while we all need to care for those things lying around our homes. And the more textured one will eventually get dust into those little grooves and textured areas. Smooth is easier to dust, wipe off, etc.

  3. I like either of them. The color is the most important and they look about the same to me. Actually, the one I’d pick would be the one to save you the most money! 🙂

  4. I like the smooth one too, but wondered if you had other plans for the boxes. Like will you have your business name embossed on them or do you have a color in your logo that you could tie in with matching ribbon on your boxes? Ooooh, can you imagine the chocolate box with a nice Tiffany box colored ribbon? The beauty of the chocolate is that you can pair any color with it. Just a thought.

    Blessings, Whitney

  5. Saw the link on Hibby and Hubby’s site and thought I would travel to your spot on the blogosphere this morning. What a great blog you have. Love, love, love your header.

    If I had to cast my vote for the photo box, I would lean towards the popular choice, and say the smooth one. I must also admit that I liked Whitney’s suggestion regarding Tiffany ribbon or some sort of personal touch from you. Recent brides would really appreciate that sort of attention to detail, I’m sure. 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the votes, everyone…I’ll take them all into consideration!

    I don’t do the embossing of my logo because it’s not very “me,” but I stamp a pretty “Thank You” onto some fancy cardstock and attach it with ribbon. My logo colors are blue and brown (my favorite!), but I vary the ribbon sometimes depending on the season.

  7. YOU got to shoot MckJ and her family??? And YOU got to eat breakfast with Rachel awhile back too??? Ah. Why did we move out of the city???

    Anyways. I like the smooth. Verymuchso!

    Can’t wait to see more MckFamily photos.


  8. Hey, visiting from MCKs–your blog is great!

    Just had to say that I LOVE either box. Just today I was discussing with my hubby how I wanted to give clients photos. Mind if I ask where they are from? I need to get something asap!

  9. I would say the more textured one – I bet you decided by now anyway… I just came over to say I love the MCK pics… Too cute.

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