Sunday Sunshine 11.23.08

Strength.  This is a great post and a hard teaching…a combination healthful for all of us.


What I’ve heard around the blogosphere since the election is “Well, even if he won, God is still sovereign.”  Which is true.  But it doesn’t make me want Obama & Co. to play Robin Hood with people’s wages any more than before he got elected.  Here’s a long but very good letter written by a Texan to the incumbent President.  Please take time to read it.


Here’s a little feature I hope to do each Sunday until Christmas…something to help us get ready for the holidays.  Inspiration all around!

For your holiday baking:
Pumpkin Pie cake –
Sour Cream apple pie –

For your holiday shopping:
Red Ruby Rose –

For your holiday decorating:


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 11.23.08

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for all of the wonderful resources this morning. Why recreate recipes and tips if you don’t have to? Much better to simply point your readers in the right direction.

    Thanks also for taking the time to send an e-mail yesterday. The colors that you use are lovely together. I am sure that it makes for a wonderful presentation.


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