Homemade Handmade Holiday Carnival

Antique Mommy is having a carnival today!  Here’s some hats I made recently.  They’re not really Christmas gifts, since they’re for Anja and me, but they ARE handmade by me.  I didn’t take photos of the process, unfortunately, but I will tell you about it.


1. I bought yarn.

2. I made the hats using those little knitting loom thingys (I know, cheater!  I can crochet with the best of them, but knitting and I do not get along).

3. I bought some flowers to match the hats

4. I clipped the flowers off their stems and sewed them onto the hats.

If you have made something crafty, why don’t you play along?  I’d love to get more ideas for gifts.


17 thoughts on “Homemade Handmade Holiday Carnival

  1. Ohhhh…
    I just bought one of those looms. I haven’t tried it yet. How hard is it??????
    Love the hats! I’ll have to make some for my daughter and I. What fun!
    Thanks for the idea!

  2. The craftiest thing I do is scrapbook! No sewing whatsoever– and I came from a family of crocheters, needlepointers, quilters, sewers, you name it. (I think I was adopted and they never told me! LOL) I admire people who have the patience and talent for those things.

    Your hats are absolutely DARLING.

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