Spa Day!

This morning at my MOPS group we had a spa day.  I got to make my own sugared body scrub, do my nails, eat a yummy brunch (provided by my table this time), and get a 10-minute massage from an actual massage therapist!  All without a toddler pulling at the leg of my pants!  It was fabulous.  Normally I’m kind of turned off by the pampering…a lot women’s retreats seem to be focused more on pampering the body rather than refreshing and challenging the soul.  But today it was just what I needed, and in fact, a spa package has been what I’ve been asking Husband for for Christmas.

Anja didn’t do as well at Moppets today, crying if she wasn’t held constantly.  I think it has something to do with her teething, and several of the other moms at my table said their kids (all around her age) are going through the same stage–separation anxiety all over again.  Hopefully as she gets older she’ll learn to enjoy playing with the other kids as much as I enjoy “playing” with the other moms!


p.s. She did her part in gobbling up some leftover pumpkin bread after her lunch today, and it’s so funny to me that she already has a very clear taste for baked goods.  Every time she gets something sweet, which is rare, her eyes go wide and she says very emphatically, “Nom, Nom!”  Oh, Anja, Mommy knows!  All too well…

5 thoughts on “Spa Day!

  1. The photos you took of Jen and family are so so amazing! I love the baby wearing one!!! I want you to come do ours too!!!! (I know, I know, its two hours away…). Next time I will be your photog assistant!!!

  2. First of all, tell me you got to hold Miracle Baby Stellan and ohmygosh how wonderful was THAT? You are very talented my friend.

    Way to go on the Spa day! Every mom deserves that once in awhile. It allows us to set the bucket down, and pick it up again later refreshed… Oxygen On A Plane. :o)

    Sorry to here Anja is teething; that hurts! I used to say can’t wait for teething to be over because it makes EVERYBODY cry, LOL. And she’s one smart cookie, Pumpkin bread is Nom Nom!

  3. Yes, a spa day does sound about perfect sometimes. (haha, the snow just started on your page and i LOVE it…it’s snowing outside right now too.)
    We’re going through the same separation anxiety right now too. Thank goodness for the puppets during children’s church. They’re enough to distract the LG while her dad can disappear…and she’s just started helping me with the Christmas baking. She was quite upset this morning when I started the mixer and she was still in her high chair. She is way too excited about the mixer…. 🙂

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