You’re probably thinking, Uh, yeah, Heidi?  You’re like 2 months late. And you’d be right if I was talking about that vote.  But I’m talking about a contest on my photo site.  Photo of the Year.  It’s been running for a couple of weeks.  The winner receives a gift card and so does a random commenter.  Today is the LAST day to vote!

Some of you have a link to my photography site already.  If you don’t but you’d like to vote, just leave a comment and I will email you a link (if you’re a regular commenter whom I trust).  Thanks for your input!

Clap, clap, clap your feet*

*Title has nothing to do with actual post, but is a made-up song I sing to Anja during diaper changes that keeps her hands and feet busy and out of harm’s poop’s way.

I’ve been away, like many of you, enjoying an unplanned (therefore unannounced) blogcation.  I sit here, savoring a bean quesadilla while Anja sleeps, not knowing what to write.  And for once, I’m okay with that.  This short hiatus has brought with it clarity, like the wiper blades of our SUV brushing aside road scum flailed by the vehicle before us.  I don’t know what the new year will bring.  I have hopes and goals, but only the Lord knows what lies ahead.

In the meantime, I am kissing my daughter’s soft little neck and cheeks, snuggling with my husband (What?  Who am I?), eating Oreo truffles and Mom’s bars, reading things besides The Internets, and working diligently (yet casually) at long-overdue projects.  It feels good.

What have you been up to?

Kale Your Way

I had some kale in the fridge and didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.  Spent 5 minutes on the internet and came up with this smoothie recipe.  I made it last night for Anja and I to split.  I didn’t have any ground flax and didn’t want to include the whole seeds, so I skipped that, and I put in a scoopful of my Juice Plus+ Complete powder, which probably helped sweeten it a little more.

I was surprised how good it tasted, considering raw kale by itself is not my favorite thing.  Mine needed an ice cube–I’m not a big fan of warm smoothies.  And Anja…she LOVED it!  She actually fussed when it was gone!  I think we have a new snack/breakfast item at our house.  And check out the nutritional info!  Super-duper healthy.


Flashback Friday 12.19.08


Today’s flashback is just some more Christmas decorations that are special to me. That little nativity is one I had in my room growing up. Well, it alternated between that and a different-shaped one. I got them from my piano teacher, a very sweet nun at the convent down the street. Her name was Sister Victorine. My brother and I used to fight over who got which one in their room. I like the other one, too, but this one remains my favorite. Also, that’s my mom in the photograph. Next to a *ahem* record player. She’s young, though. 🙂

Gives a new meaning to Pampers Cruisers

We don’t need fancy Christmas gifts at our house. A diaper box and a cardboard tube for a mast, “wind” provided by Mommy and Daddy, and there are hours of entertainment.

Box Boat 1 12-13-08

Of course, not all moments in a boat are agreeable. Boredom seizes you after seeing the same waters repeatedly. There can be storms; capsizing is always a fear.

Box Boat 2 12-13-08

Box Boat 3 12-13-08

But mostly it is an adventure. Especially when the “wind” dies down and you’re told to grab your shovel and paddle.

Box Boat 4 12-13-08

Is my Husband aging too quickly?

You be the judge. Here’s a thank you note he wrote to his parents for his birthday last week. Note subject matter*.


*In case you can’t read his writing I’ll translate here:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the birthday card and money. I will spend it on something fun. Is it warm in the house? This was a good year to have the coal stove. I’ll see you in a little bit at Christmas.


All he needs to do is mention his latest ailment and he’s on his way to being a senior citizen!