Sunday Sunshine 12.07.08

For your Christmas shopping:
Jewelry made by my bloggy friend Lori.
Jewelry made by another bloggy friend Joanna.
Great gift for an artsy little one
Mom, I think Anja needs this
For your Christmas decorating:

For your Christmas letters/cards:
Beautiful stationery sets
For your Christmas baking:
Yum, indeed!
Hello, Delicious.  Come to mama.
Leftover pumpkin?
And I just love this website.  Eye candy.  And real candy.


Anja’s Christmas ornament from Grandma this year (we get them the day after Thanksgiving to go on Grandma’s tree).  Mine from this year and last were featured in yesterday’s post.

Anja's Ornament


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 12.07.08

  1. Heidi, thank you so much for the link! I hope my photog friend gets the rest of my stuff back to me this week!

    I love everything you have shared!!! I may have to make some purchases today!!!

    Thanks friend!

  2. I have this feeling you have the cutest tree in all of MN.

    And thanks to that Tastespotting site, I’m now nearly drooling….lentil ‘meatloaf”? Bring it on!

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