A Gift

Tonight a friend of ours gave us a marvelous Christmas gift–a night of babysitting so we could go catch a movie (Australia, if you’re wondering).  This may seem insignificant to some of you, but note this: It’s been over 3 years since Husband and I saw a movie in a theater together.  God seemed to sense the intimacy needed/wanted for our little date, and He arranged to have the entire theater empty but for us.  Pick of seats!  We only ate half of our gigundous bag of popcorn, but I left a little more appreciative of my family and my easy life.  So thanks, Liz!  We appreciated it SO much!



4 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. Oh man, isn’t free babysitting the best?! We sort of had a date night last Saturday, but it was the husband’s work Christmas shindig and we had to pay for babysitting. Maybe in the new year…

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