This was my favorite ornament growing up, and it’s still one of my favorites. I always hang it on Mom’s tree facing out so you can see the cute little rooms.

Do you have a favorite ornament? If so, what’s it like?

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  1. Heidi, this would totally be one of my favorites too if we had one like it. You saw mine right…the girl in the red dress and the little angel in the walnut shell? My mom has the last of my favorites…it’s an angel sitting in this plastic ball that has been cut in half and she has this dress on the is real “flowy” and the ball is trimmed with gold and when you move the ornament it’s like angel is swinging and her dress flouts back and forth. (It is old and cheesy, but MAN would Sherri and I fight over it.) When I told Mom she still had it and one day I wanted it (When she is done with it, that is our code for when she dies…when she’s done with something) She said “oh, you can have it!” I said “Get your tree up cause I’m coming to snatch that angel!” See I want it before Sherri sees it and remembers that she said she wanted it too! I am so mean. Ok, not mean, but Sherri CAN’T love the angel like I do…Sherri will just put her on the tree and let her kids *gasp* play with it and break it! I, now I will lovingly place her in a perfect spot and wrap her gentley to store her and love her each and every year and let the children see her and touch her but never never play with her! See, she NEEDS to be mine. Look, what you’ve started. I’ve got the Angel hordes!

  2. Very cute!

    By the way, I knew MN got a lot of snow, but I had no idea that you’d get flurries on your blog, too! (And yes, bottle some up and send it this way, please. Since you offered.)

  3. I love that ornament too. Adorable. I think my favorite was a little blonde ballerina with a pink tutu. I wonder what happened to that one? I probably broke it years ago. I have all my mom’s ornaments now so I need to dig around for it.

  4. That is SO cute! I was thinking about posting about ornaments but I just have too many favourites. And some that are rather ugly, but were given my long ago aunts or other relatives and I couldn’t imagine a tree without them.

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