Christmas Tour of Homes

BooMama is hosting her annual Tour of Homes today, and you better believe I’m playing along this year!  I had SO much fun last year “visiting” people’s homes.  I met some of my favorite bloggers through that tour!  So stop on by her place:


Now, here we go.  Welcome to my home!  First stop, since Christ is the Center of our home, is a nativity.  We have several nativities, but this is the one set up in the main part of our home this year.  It was made by the pastor of the church I attended when I was young.


Here’s that candelabra from the other side. Husband is 1/4 Jewish.


I have a balustrade hung on the wall that usually gets decorated seasonally.


I found this “Hope” sign in the $2.50 bin (yeah, isn’t that a nice upgrade from the $1 bin?) at Target. I really like it, though Husband thought it was some sort of political statement (nope, Hope in Jesus, that’s it!).


My theme this year was blue and silver, but I tucked little accents of red in here and there. Here’s some holly next to a photo of my favorite (only) daughter.


And we do have a tree. I purchased all new shatterproof ornaments on clearance after Christmas last year, since Anja is a bit of a curious one. “Ball, ball, Mama!” she yells, and she’ll come running to me with one she has pulled off the tree.


A close-up of some of the ornaments:


I don’t feel like they look too plastic-y.


I love when it’s all lit up at night. So festive!


Sometimes I like to squint at the tree and it looks extra magical. 🙂


Then, still squinting, I turn and look at the icicle lights my husband has hung on the deck.

Icicle lights

I’m a dork; I know.

I forgot to photograph the cookies I made, so I’ll pacify you with a sunset!


29 thoughts on “Christmas Tour of Homes

  1. I love the blue and silver together! My mom did that one year when I was little and I just loved it. I used silver and ivory this year with touches of gold, but my tree is always my antique ornaments.

    I enjoyed touring your home!
    Love, dana

  2. Beautiful! I love the nativity/candelabra combo. And a real tree–I can smell it from here!

    Looks like you’re having a bit of a cold day. Please order warmer weather for the end of the week. We’ll be there on Sunday, and I don’t know if my body can take that anymore!

  3. Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! And I can see that you are one of those organized women who have a colour scheme instead of my current decorating scheme which is “construction paper.”

  4. I smile every time I see that picture of your little girl wearing the straight-up ponytail. I too was bummed by the $2.50 bin. We should start a campaign to bring $1.00 back!

  5. Very pretty, the blue and silver. Love silver. And shatterproof ornaments–where in the WORLD did you find those? Forget sliced bread, shatterproof ornaments are genius.

    I like your skirt too (I’m not getting fresh–I mean your TREE skirt). I need to find a nice, plain skirt like that. Every time I look, I only find really gaudy, busy, character-splattered tree skirts. Bleh.

    Gorgeous sunset… you put on quite a Christmas tour! 🙂

  6. I adore your silver and blue decorations — so lovely! That sunset is breathtakingly beautiful! GREAT Pic!

    Thanks for the tour. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless.

  7. Wow! Your use of blue and silver is the prettiest I’ve seen! And I LOVE your idea of a balustrade hung on the wall…what a neat idea, and a perfect foil for decorating too. 🙂 Beautiful!

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