Is my Husband aging too quickly?

You be the judge. Here’s a thank you note he wrote to his parents for his birthday last week. Note subject matter*.


*In case you can’t read his writing I’ll translate here:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for the birthday card and money. I will spend it on something fun. Is it warm in the house? This was a good year to have the coal stove. I’ll see you in a little bit at Christmas.


All he needs to do is mention his latest ailment and he’s on his way to being a senior citizen!


7 thoughts on “Is my Husband aging too quickly?

  1. Either he is aging quickly, or he is 6. Because I believe most recently my son wrote a note like this to his grandmother!


    The fact that he writes thank you notes is special in and of itself!

  2. oh funny! I asked Rob to pick the Christmas card to give his parents…normally I do and go for the sappy meaningful card. SO not what he chose. And that’s OK I know his mom will know who picked it this year!

  3. I’m right there with him. I’m suddenly obsessed with The Weather Channel, and can tell you what the weather is anywhere in the country at any given time.

    Sad. And scary. (I’m 40, going on 98.)

  4. Hehe. Cute.

    Actually, I thought the first part sounded more like his inner kid than his inner geriatric — “I’ll spend it on something fun.” My little guy (although 7 is really not so little anymore) recently wrote a thank-you that began, “Thanks for the money. I spent it on two Star Wars action figures. The first was…” and then he went on to name both before ending the note abruptly. Guys are not the most wordy writers, are they? 🙂

  5. Hey, at least he wrote it all himself. I usually have to sit there for a half hour and give suggestions of things to write or say before the husband ends up just writing whatever I dictate. He HATES writing in cards!

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