Now if I can just keep away from the cookies…

Yesterday I told you I was going to lay out my 2009 goals.  It’s a bit scary to write them for all to see, but I know the accountability will be worth it (so feel free to ask me how it’s going from time to time!).

1. Spend daily time in prayer and the Word (I used to do this no problem, but since Anja was born, my discipline in this area has slipped)

2. Read 2 photography books

3. Read 1 Photoshop book

4. Book an average of 4 on-location sessions and 1 wedding each month

5. Sell our townhome and purchase a home with a $500 less per month payment

6. Organize an office for myself (instead of using the dining room table…)

7. Have a baby or get pregnant

8. Lose 10-15 lbs.

9. Make healthier meals most nights each week (fell off the bandwagon slightly in mid-November and haven’t recovered yet)

10. Reduce grocery bill to $250/month (this could be the hardest one…seriously)


So.  There it all is.  My very personal goals for this year.  *Gulp*

How about you?  Anything you are sharing?  Feel free to leave a link if you wrote a post about it.


14 thoughts on “Now if I can just keep away from the cookies…

  1. Look at you! All organized with your list!
    I here ya on the dining room table…I stamp there, scrap there, sew there…sometimes we eat there. It’s sad really.
    I pray EVERYtime I go to the store…please keep me to the list. Let there be good sales, if it didn’t make the list and it isn’t in the cupboard nudge me. It works when I’m not hungry.
    I also would love to cook healthier. But the kiddos are picky and healthy stuff IS more expensive. It is. I just got them to eat Tilapia…it must be the parmesen encrusted kind, but hey we’re eating fish. That didn’t come in a can. Fresh fruits are biggies…I try to have lots of fruit.
    Good luck on the house hunting there are a LOT out there. With great credit you should hit the jackpot. We just looked at a house that will soon be in forclosure…the builder didn’t pay his bills, so the house needs finishing…it was smaller then we’d hoped for. So for now…unless we can get it for $180,000 we are staying put.
    I need to spend more time in the word too. I wish I could get into a bible study around here…our church is really gunho on “small groups” which is great…we just can’t find one that can rotate homes and has children our kids ages and our ages.
    So I read Heather’s new blog and Rachel in Nola they keep me “grounded”

  2. You are a brave woman. I’m not so good with the resolutions. I think I’m afraid of them. But I read something on another blog where the writer had scheduled her goals in to her day (wrote it down and hung it up) so she could see them daily and plan a time to do them. That gave me hope for myself 🙂

  3. I wish you great success with your goals.

    I agree, #10 might be the hardest. At this point, I’m trying to keep our grocery bill below $500…and I find it hard to do. Much of it has to do with our healthy choices, I know. Seems like the prices haven risen each time I go back to the grocery store.

    I’m excited to read about your progress!

  4. Wow! You have a lot of goals for this year – I wish you the best! I used to do more of them, but after the second baby it was more like survival. Now that the baby is almost five I have made two goals – finish at least one project a month (I have many unfinished ones around the house) and clean up the guest room and attic, where I tend to put my clutter. I also started a One Year Bible, so I guess that’s a goal, too. 🙂 I made it through last year for the first time in years, so it is possible. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how your mom is doing, too? Blessings, Dawn

  5. Wow, those are awesome goals! “Knowing” you, Heidi, I don’t think you’ll have any problem accomplishing whatever it is you set your mind to. You go girl!

  6. 7. Have a baby or get pregnant

    8. Lose 10-15 lbs.

    Hee! Those two things do NOT go hand in hand, unless you lose the weight RIGHT now and then get pregnant in June. So you could do that.

    Under $250 a MONTH! Good luck!

  7. Having just had a baby, I also had to chuckle at #7 and #8 side by side like that! I wish you great success, though! You have a great list of goals. My beloved and I talked about family goals, but honestly, I haven’t set any personal ones this year. I probably should though. Otherwise, I’ll probably get to the end of the year and wonder why I didn’t accomplish anything!

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