A Taste of What Is to Come

A couple of days ago, Anja was misbehaving (I speak as if this is a rare occurence–ha ha!) and had two time-outs in a row.  For her, a time-out consists of one minute in her play pen with no toys.  Considering she hates solitude and confinement, this has been a very effective punishment for her “crimes.”

Until…after her second time-out and heartfelt (another guffaw from me) apology to Mama, she stood and pondered for a second.  Husband and I watched, bemused, as she found her “ball ball” (golf ball) and cup, one of her favorite self-created sets of toys, and tossed them over the edge of the playpen.  She then proceeded to misbehave again.

“The little smarty-pants!” I exclaimed.  “She’s putting toys in her play pen so that her time-out is fun!  Aaaargh!”  Needless to say, the toys were taken out and she got her third (and final of the day) time-out.

Hopefully the day she truly can outwit us is off in the distant future.


5 thoughts on “A Taste of What Is to Come

  1. Hey yo…..it’s been too long!!!

    Obviously, since I didn’t even know your thoughts on time-outs vs. corporal punishment?
    Just curious how you came to that decision, or if you do both and or what texts you pondered.

    (I’ve thought about it too….especially lately with a naughty baby dog…..thinking….agh….children will be similiar!)

  2. Ha ha, yes, I think an appropriate slogan for SURVIVING the toddler years would be, “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.” And the kids definitely have the advantage.

  3. Oh, the defiance has started around here too. And she thinks discipline (no matter how much I put on my ‘mad’ face) is funny. ARGH! If she would just talk in words so we could better understand each other! I would get so much less frustrated if she could tell me what she wants in WORDS, not mumblings.

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