Oh hi thar!

So I just found out it’s “National De-lurking Week,” which is a whole other reason to go out and get some pizza and celebrate, but what I really want?  Is for you to de-lurk and say “Hi.”  Seems like I just did this a few months ago (and lo and behold–I had shadow-dwellers!), but in case you haven’t yet had the chance, I’d love to “meet” you.

Come on now…don’t be shy!



14 thoughts on “Oh hi thar!

  1. Hi I’m a lurker! Found you through MckMama! I’m Krystal, a sahm to 3 children and wife who lives in North East Texas! I’ve enjoyed your photography! Stop by my blog and don’t be a stranger!

  2. Hi there! I’ve been lurking for about the last week! I love your stories and your photography. I think I followed a link from a comment you left on the Pioneer Woman’s blog!

    Nice to “meet” you!

  3. I don’t think I’ve delurked yet…so here I go! Although I notice that it remembers me in the vital info lines above, so I must have. Apparently, I leave comments at blogs and then have no recollection of having done so! Love the blog!

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