My Best Craft EVER

Now, don’t be expecting much here.  I am not known for my crafting abilities.  However, I do enjoy taking on the occasional project.  This, here, is my piece de resistance (You’ll have to pretend that had the correct punctuation.).

Apron 121708

I made this apron for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  I intended to make 3 others for additional relatives but quickly realized how stinking much time that would take me.  I started in September and finished the week before Christmas.  It’s two-sided.  It has hand-stitching to make it look more “professional.”  It was hard to part with.  But, of anyone, she would appreciate it the most.  So…here I am modeling the flipside before I wrapped it.

Apron 2 121708

My sis-in-law told me she would appreciate a dress made in a similar fashion for next Christmas.  I love you, A, but fat chance!

If you’d like the pattern, buy it here.


16 thoughts on “My Best Craft EVER

  1. Oh come on! That is so cute! I love the top, it is flattering to the girls! HA. Even mine would look good. That really would be a cute dress! On a naughty level it’s better then a robe. How jazzed would Hubbies be if the came home and saw that and thought ooh nice dress and then as one would turn-around to finish the cooking…TA DA…LOL. I am cracking myself up.
    You are so talented!
    Seriously, you should sell them. (Yes, I DID read the part about how much work it is…if you teach me I can be your cheap labor) I just keep thinking about all the possiblities that a CUTE apron gives! 😉

  2. What a CUTE apron! I’m not big on aprons, but I may just have to make that one for myself instead of just throwing an old t-shirt on top of whatever I’m wearing to protect my clothes.

  3. Oh wow! How stinkin’ cute is that?! O lvoe to sew, not that I have all that much time for it anymore, but I jsut ordered that pattern! I saw an adorable apron in a cooking mag this AM and they wanted $42 bucks for it. For an apron! Puhleez! But $12 for a pattern I can make over and over and over – you betcha! Thanks for sharing!

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