For Grandpa

My daddy (Anja’s grandpa) would have been 54 today. You can read more about him here (my post from this day last year).  I think he would’ve thought she is adorable.  So it’s in his honor today that I post this photo of her for my entry into the I Heart Faces weekly contest.

Blink 010709

If you would like to see other entries or learn more about the contest, follow this link on over!


27 thoughts on “For Grandpa

  1. I absolutely love this picuture of her. What was she doing? Look at those beautiful eyelashes! Thinking of you today….it’s gotta be kind of hard….

  2. Our fathers are most certainly loving and praying for their grandkids!

    I LOVE the chin dimple. My little niece Scarlett has one too! My dad always used to call those things “Kirk Douglas'”!

  3. I just found you through the I heart faces website and I wanted to tell you that this picture of your daughter is SO sweet and beautiful! The lighting is perfect and the expression on her face is priceless!

  4. This is soooo precious; it looks like she’s getting ready to make a wish. 🙂 I love the light and the PP you did. Beautiful. Frameworthy.

    Good luck with your photo! I meant to enter one last week after you posted, but totally forgot.

  5. She looks like she’s picturing what Grandpa must be like. So beautiful! My kids never got to know my mom–but they ask about her every so often, and truly seem to appreciate her.

  6. This photo was my favorite of the batch. I think it looks like she’s about to sneeze, but I think that’s cool. It’s very different and I would’ve voted that you win. (well…AFTER my photo, that is 🙂

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