Another Anja Day

Anja and I were supposed to have a playdate this morning and a vaccination this afternoon, but we cancelled both since she isn’t on her “A game” right now.  Meaning, she has snot running down her face and is coughing like a 78-yr-old smoker.  Seriously, I’m going to try to get her coughing on video.  It sounds heartless, but I want to remember how funny she sounds!

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I’ve been wanting to record here (since I haven’t been terribly good about putting things in her baby book) some of her latest “accomplishments” (is learning to kiss without a wide open mouth an accomplishment?), so here goes.

1) Counting to three.  We do this a lot in our house.  She helps count the amount of buckles to get her in and out of her high chair or car seat, we count to three before she can jump off the changing table into my arms, we read counting books almost every day, do flash cards…She had been counting “one, two” for a long time, but just recently added “feeee” to her repertoire.

2) Identifying colors.  There are still several she mixes up, but she consistently gets the following right: black, white, yellow and orange.  Hey, it’s a start!

3) Walking backwards.  Again, she’s been practicing for months, but now she can do it full on (full back?).  Atta girl–what a talent!  heh heh.

4) Naming body parts: legs, feet, butt, hands, arms, neck, back, head, forehead, nose (she loves to name other people’s noses and touch them, too, which can be awkward at times), mouth, chin, eyes, tummy and “button” (belly button).  Doesn’t get the concept of cheeks yet.

5) Telling us when she’s about to poop.  We’re hoping this leads to early potty training.  We have a potty in our bathroom that she sits on regularly, but she tries to stand in it or disassemble it just as frequently.

6) Feeding her babies.  She got a little Snow White doll for Christmas from my cousin, and she sits her down into her Bumbo, has mommy help her put the tray on, then sets out a spread and feeds her with a spoon and cup.  She uses very emphatic nom NOMs just the way her mommy does–it’s hilarious.

7) Doing actions to (and kind of singing) songs.  She would, for the longest time, enjoy watching such classics as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Only A Boy Named David,” but wouldn’t do the actions (except for the falling down part at the end of “David”).  Yesterday I sang “Old Macdonald had a farm, ” and got a very distinct, if not in tune, “E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I” in response.  No O’s necessary here, man.

Then at breakfast this morning, she was acting rather peculiar, putting her fingers together in the “more” symbol, but not asking for more, then moving her hands from up in the air down to her tray and saying things like “Wash” and “Bitty.”  After a moment of confusion, smart Mommy quickly figured out that she was trying to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and boy oh boy was Anja overjoyed when I began singing the song for her!

Another favorite is “Peas Porridge Hot.”

8 )  Drinking out of a glass.  Not a sippy cup (she’s never handled them well) or even a plastic cup, but one of our heavy glasses.  She has used it since she was a little younger than a year for drinking (again, not so good with sippy cups), and for the last few weeks holds them and drinks herself in a surprisingly controlled manner for a 16-mo-old.

9) “Praying.”  After many nights of prodding, she finally folds her hands (for about 5 seconds) at the beginning of prayer time.  Still working on focus–she’s a bit busy for anything besides reading that requires sitting still.


A couple of things we’re still working on:

1) Learning to push herself forward instead of only backward on her little scooty car.

2) Putting away toys and books before naps and bedtime.  This has  brought on more than a few tantrums and punishments, but consistency is that for which we are striving.


Encouragement and tips accepted!!!

5 thoughts on “Another Anja Day

  1. You are going to cherish this as you periodically note these milestones! And I’m sure thinking about these things will help you think positively when it’s tantrum time!

    What I love most about blogging is having details of events recorded. It’s amazing when I go back to things I wrote years ago and mid-way through stop and think, “I don’t even remember writing this!” This generation of mommy bloggers is going to remember the joys of mothering much more vividly than our parents and grandparents before us!

  2. These are all absolutely accomplishments! It seems like a long time since I had a 16 month old – I forgot what fun things I have to look forward to with Andrew!

    She sounds precious, Heidi!

  3. Anja and Emma are on very similar milestones. Emma sings, “EIEIEIEIEI” too–isn’t that cute?
    Emma also has that cold. Isn’t the cough awful? I can’t wait for that to go away!
    Keep up the great mom work, Heidi!

  4. Since she likes singing, why not try singing the clean-up song with her? And my mom always gets puppets or stuffed animals to start “picking up”, which my toddlers found HILARIOUS.

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