The Only Survivor Was My Hands

Turns out all the (wonderful) advice I got from you guys on Saturday came in more handy for us (Husband and me) than for Anja.  She had the stomach flu for about 5 hours–puked twice, but was otherwise happy.  Later that afternoon she was already able to keep down toast and such other items.

Husband and I were thankful to have made it through her sickness unscathed…or so we thought.  We kept her home Sunday, just in case, but took turns going out, he to church and me to small group.  Still fine.

Around 10:00 I went to bed (early work the next morning), and my stomach wasn’t feeling the best.  I chalked it up to the cookie I had eaten before bed (BAD me!) and dozed off.  Around midnight I woke with terrible stomach problems and found Husband, who said he had been experiencing the same.  For whatever (dumb) reason, we assumed carbon monoxide.  Husband tested and re-set both our CO monitors, we opened the deck door and let some fresh (below zero) air in, and hoped for the best.  Within 20 minutes I was vomiting.  Let’s just say that between 12:30 and 8:00 a.m., I lost 6 pounds.  I have never met a sickness like this one before.

Both of us were literally unable to move at times.  Poor Anja.  We couldn’t find a sitter, so she spent the day alternating between her playpen, her high chair, and in front of the TV (a major no-no in our eyes, but a must yesterday).  She did remarkably well, but by day’s end seemed to have quite hurt feelings, thinking her parents had turned into lazy slugs who can’t be bothered by her needs.

After sleeping most of the day and for 11 hours last night, I am doing slightly better today.  I was able to keep down part of a banana and a piece of toast.  Hurray!  (Warning!  TMI ahead…)  My urine was orangeish-red this morning, so obviously I’m still a little on the dehydrated side.  But thankfully, recovering!  And trying to find the lesson (read: the glory to God) in all of this.  🙂


13 thoughts on “The Only Survivor Was My Hands

  1. Oh dear – I’ve gotten the stomach bug from a infant/toddler before, and it’s always the WORST!!! It sounds like you’re rounding the corner, which is good. I wasn’t so lucky – I lost 15 lbs in 3 days from diarrhea and ended up in the ER with severe dehydration. Not an experience I want to repeat.

    I hope you get better soon!

  2. Feel lucky you had the puking kind. I had to pick Zachie up from school with the problem at the OTHER end. Yick. I’m ready for warm weather, and less germs!

  3. We had throwing up at our house last night too but it was just Rebecca coughing so much that she was gagging herself. She really needs to get over that.

    Hope everyone is feeling better. It’s never any fun to be sick.

  4. Oh Heidi, I’m so sorry that you got it too. It is so hard to be sick and care for a child(ren) at the same time, especially when you and hubby are sick at the same time. Yuck! This winter has been the worst for sicknesses. SO many people that I have talked with have had the flu this year. I am glad that you are feeling better today. Not fun!

  5. ooh, so sorry. The first bug my firstborn got was a doozy and he shared – I ended up so dizzy two days later I couldn’t get off the floor – watch for that! But our immunity must have built up because although we are freaked out every time, it has never been as bad as that first one. I hope it’s the same for you! Hope everyone’s feeling back to normal soon!

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