My Best Craft EVER

Now, don’t be expecting much here.  I am not known for my crafting abilities.  However, I do enjoy taking on the occasional project.  This, here, is my piece de resistance (You’ll have to pretend that had the correct punctuation.).

Apron 121708

I made this apron for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  I intended to make 3 others for additional relatives but quickly realized how stinking much time that would take me.  I started in September and finished the week before Christmas.  It’s two-sided.  It has hand-stitching to make it look more “professional.”  It was hard to part with.  But, of anyone, she would appreciate it the most.  So…here I am modeling the flipside before I wrapped it.

Apron 2 121708

My sis-in-law told me she would appreciate a dress made in a similar fashion for next Christmas.  I love you, A, but fat chance!

If you’d like the pattern, buy it here.

“Stranded Vietnam Vet Needs $”

“Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.  And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”  – Luke 6:30,31 ESV

Whenever verses like this come up for discussion among believing friends, someone asks, “So does that mean we are supposed to give to the guy on the side of the road holding up the cardboard sign, the one you KNOW will just use it for drugs?”

My own husband often makes this argument: “America is a land of opportunity.  There are many things other than beg that people can do to see that they get fed/clothed/housed, even if it means taking a minimum wage job.  The people who beg on the streets are usually either addicts or have something seriously mentally wrong.  They won’t use the money you give them wisely.”

So here’s my question: Does God care?  Does He care what happens to the money after we give it, or does it then become that person’s responsibility?  I know He calls us to be wise with what we’re given, good stewards.  So we might discern that giving it away to “everyone who begs from you” in this day and age seems absurd.  Our decision has been to channel our money through organizations to help the needy who we know will use it in a manner that not only gets them food, but often education and always training in the scriptures.

But look at our society.  What used to be taken care of by the church (the orphans and widows, the poor and needy, the infirm of mind) is now the government’s project.  At what point did the church fail?  And what implications does this have for how we do our giving today?

I would LOVE to hear your view on the subject, or your church’s view, or what you think the biblical response to beggars is (even if you don’t regularly see them in your town or city).


That’s what I call today’s photo entry for the adult category over at I (Heart) Faces.  I caught Husband in the act of rocking out on the baby drums at Grandma’s (his mother-in-law’s) house.  Oh yeah.  Loveyousomuch, Honey!  🙂

Sheepish 110808

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p.s. Check out the Snuggle Bear snickering behind Husband’s back!

Mom! I got a Text!

Which makes me laugh, because her mother doesn’t really know how to text.  And “her” phone is a no-longer-used cell phone.  But she loves it.  🙂

Anyway, this is my first entry (yes, this implies commitment) to a lovely new blog called

Each week you can enter a photo under children and adult categories, and a guest judge will make the decision on a winner.  How could I not enter the hilarity that IS my daughter.  She makes my ugly face practice seem like the stuff of amateurs.  🙂

I Got a Text 121908

Feel free to enter your own or just check out the new site!


I can’t recall a day when I felt more grateful to be able to stay indoors.  It’s currently -7, which is balmy compared to where I used to live, but nonetheless, it’s a great day to be in.  We’re doing laundry and dishes, making brownie cookies, and listening to Christmas music (I love it year round).

I have much for which to be thankful.

Several of you have asked for an update on my mom.  She started chemotherapy after Christmas.  She gets a dose of some drugs at the hospital every other Monday, then wears a pump that delivers the rest of her chemo in a stylish fanny pack for two days.  She goes back to the hospital and gets the pump removed and has two weeks off.  This all sounds very basic and easy, but she has been experiencing very severe side effects to the first round of drugs (the doctors say they’ve never seen someone react as badly): nausea, rashes, sensations of icy cold when she touches anything or drinks or eat anything that isn’t at least at room temperature, weakness in her limbs and sleeplessness.  So…please pray for relief from the symptoms and a heart before God that allows her to see His goodness and mercy through the suffering.  We know that He puts us through trials because He loves us.  Thank you for your prayers!