Eyes Are the Windows Into the Face

Today’s post is my 400th.  Wow.  And it’s nothing but a bunch of great links.  No awesome giveaway (because I wasn’t prepared), no super-cool contest, not even a decent paragraph!

Japan finds a unique source of gold.

Ron Paul educates MSNBC on free markets.  I’m going to shed a few tears into my bowl of cereal right now because he is not our president.

Printing all that money is BIG TROUBLE.  Inconvenient Debt: Glenn Beck.

Christopher Walken freaks me out.  But THIS helps me see his softer side….


2 thoughts on “Eyes Are the Windows Into the Face

  1. Good grief! It’s like they’re grilling Ron Paul for the presidency all over again! Goodness – what is that – like five against one?
    I’ve never seen Glenn Beck before – he’s great!

  2. Congratulations on your 400th post! When are you bringing back Fargo Fridays?

    Loved the Christopher Walken skit!

    I wish Ron Paul was given just a smidgen of respect. He is an intelligent man and one we certainly could use in a position such as President.

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