RIP, old friend

My hairdryer, who has been my (almost) daily companion for 10+ years, bit the proverbial (why do I feel like Eugene Meltzner every time I use that word?) dust last week.

Dryer 1

Old friend, you have been with me through bobs, short and sassy cuts, shoulder-length and chin-length, through the rich, full days of pregnancy hair and the post-partum months when it seemed I would go bald, through blow-drying my entire head upside-down to learning to use a flat brush (my triceps thank you!).  I will miss you, my light-weight, perfect-heat pal.

But…hello, shiny new friend!  I hope you will be given the gift of longevity like your predecessor.  And your blue?  It’s the closest earthly representation I’ve ever seen of my favorite color–not turquoise, not cobalt, but this beautiful in-between that truly kicks hinder.  Photos cannot do you justice.  Also?  Be kind to me.

Dryer 2


7 thoughts on “RIP, old friend

  1. Ah ha ha! I had a hair dryer like that one too! Don’t hurt me but I thought it was ugly compared to some of the newer ones so I threw it away! *gasp* I KNOW! I’m an idiot. Cause the thing worked SO good. I will warn you they are NOT made like they used to be. I’ve been through 3 in the last 2 years. It might have something to do with my son, but I can’t be sure…
    Your new one sure is purdy.

  2. I would agree that they don’t make ’em like they used to–I’ve gone through several in the last few years as well. I loved it when I went from 1200 (watts?) to 1875. To quote my mom: “That’ll blow the hair right off your head!”

  3. Today is a very blowdryer-centric day on the blogs! Sorry you lost your old pal, but I ahve that dryer and it’s a great one…just wish I’d had the option of that color – groovy!

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